Activity Descriptions

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To download a pdf file of the activity descriptions, please click here.


Campers enjoy improving their bow and arrow skills and keeping up with their progress as they work through the archery ranks.

archery at summer camp for girls

Arts and Crafts

Campers of all ages will love our new projects, which may include jewelry making, basket weaving, copper enameling, and paper making.

basket making at summer camp for girls


A mixture of drills, fun games, and scrimmages designed to help campers improve their skills on the court.

campers posing with basketball at summer camp for girls


A great activity for adventurous girls in the outdoors. Orienteering and geocaching, emergency first-aid, fire-building, outdoor cooking, backpacking, and camping skills will leave participants ready to spend more time in the great outdoors.

summer camp girls hiking in the Pisgah National Forest

Campfire 101 (Sparks)

Campfire 101 is a required activity for Sparks (campers who are entering 10th grade). This activity will offer this group the chance to develop leadership skills doing special camp activities just for Sparks.

summer camp girl building campfire at Camp Illahee


Campers enjoy the canoe lake and learning different aspects of canoeing through instruction and games. Campers may have the opportunity to try out their skills on a nearby river or lake.


Through various projects, campers will learn techniques to increase their skills in hand-building, wheel throwing, and glazing.

camper throws clay pot on wheel at Camp Illahee summer camp for girls


Favorite camp recipes are shared and practiced in cooking classes, where girls learn techniques and tips suitable for making desserts, salads, and rolls.

great cooks are born at camp illahee summer camp in the north carolina mountains


Campers learn different steps and put them together for a dance routine they perform at the end of the session.

group dances are lotads of fun at summer camp for girls


Improving and learning new dives are the focus in diving. Campers must be in Illahee Swimming Level 5 or above.

diving in cool mountain spring water at summer camp

Drama (Behind the Scenes)

An activity that focuses on stage make-up, set design, and casting techniques to help campers explore the world of theater from behind the curtain.

girls help with lighting and stage managament at summer camp

Drama (Production)

Campers work on acting techniques while interpreting roles in a musical theater production, which they perform at the end of the session.

Faith and Fellowship

For campers entering eighth through eleventh grades; Offers time mentored by a camp counselor and to share with peers in a fun relaxed small group setting. Faith and fellowship explores Christian teachings and God’s love in daily lives at camp and at home.

faith and fellowship

Fiber Arts

Campers explore fiber arts through lap looms, inkle looms, and floor looms as well as other weaving projects.

summer weaving fun at camp illahee for girls

Field Hockey and Lacrosse

Includes basic instruction with development of both field hockey and lacrosse skills through drills and games for entering sixth graders and up.

girls enjoy field hockey instruction at summer camp

Fitness for Fun

An activity to develop strength, cardiovascular fitness and coordination through fun games and exercises. Recommended for campers through 6th grade.

camp illahee girls learn fitness for fun at Illahee

Fitness for Life/Aerobics

Develop strength and cardiovascular fitness through strenuous aerobics- including step aerobics and the Illahee circuit. Recommended for campers in the 7th grade and above.

rewarding summer job teaching aerobics at camp illahee for girls


Campers move at their own pace developing strength and flexibility through tumbling skills and working on the balance beam.

summer job teaching gymnastics at camp illahee camp for girls

Hannah Ford Farm

Requires a double activity period (takes two consecutive periods three days per week); where campers are transported to Illahee's nearby French Broad outpost to take part in hiking, gardening and games. (Note that there will be other sign up opportunities to visit the farm during camp for girls who would prefer a field trip rather than having the farm as a scheduled activity.)

hannah ford farm


Hands on exploration of the natural world around camp. Small animals, hikes, nature crafts, and field trips to the Pisgah Wildlife Center for Education are all part of the nature program. Turtle tracking and critter hunts are highlights to nature.

nature summer jobs at camp illahee for girls


Drawing and painting with watercolor and acrylics are a great way for campers to learn various techniques and to enjoy expressing themselves.

watercolor painting at camp illahee for girls summer camp


Campers make their own puppets, props, and scenery and perform a puppet show for the end of the session. Offered in Mini & Two Week sessions only.

making puppets at summer camp for girls at illahee



Camp riders enjoy hunt seat instruction in three mounted lessons per week. Any camper may take riding; helmets are provided, but each camper must wear her own pants and, if the camper has boots please bring them. Rain boots and hiking boots with lug soles are neither safe nor appropriate. Some riding boots are available at camp. For additional ground lessons, see “Horsing Around”. Please estimate your daughter’s riding level on the activity form. She will be assigned to lessons accordingly after classification at camp.

riding horses at illahee summer camp  for girls



A course for advanced riders offered during two consecutive class periods 6 days a week during the June and July sessions for campers entering 6th grade or older. Campers are involved with the total process of the horse experience; learning about riding, horse care, training, etc. Girls need to be able to do some jumping. Final class selection will be subject to the equestrian director's evaluation during the first few days of the session. Helmets are provided, but campers need to bring breeches, paddock boots, and tall boots if possible. Girls in horsemanship are not eligible for additional periods of riding instruction unless there is space after the session has opened.

summer camp horseback riding at illahee for girls


Horsing Around

A great class for any level rider interested in building skills and working through the Illahee riding levels. During these unmounted lessons campers learn about feeding, grooming, veterinary care, and other areas of horse management. A camper may sign up for both Horsing Around and Riding.



A form of gymnastics on horseback; campers learn balance, grace, and teamwork as they perform gymnastic moves first on a stationary mount and later at a walk and trot. Breeches and/or leggings are the most comfortable attire, but are not necessary. Boots are not needed. A camper may sign up for both vaulting and riding.

horse riding balance for summer camps at illahee


An Illahee favorite, riflery emphasizes gun safety as girls improve their shooting skills using air rifles and .17 caliber competition rifles and earn riflery association awards.

summer camp with rifles at illahee for girls

Running Club

An activity for girls who want to stay in shape for sports or to learn about running as a life-long sport for fun and fitness. The program will be tailored for both beginner and experienced runners who want to enjoy Illahee's trails. Appropriate running footwear required.

summer camp running club at illahee for girls

Sew Unique

Create your own unique projects learning a variety of useful stitches and techniques.

sewing crafts for girls at illahee summer camp


A popular sport with campers who enjoy scrimmages and drills to help them improve their game.

summer camp soccer at illahee for girls


Campers are required to participate in instructional swimming unless they have passed Illahee level 6. The Illahee waterfront is an important area of camp and we emphasize the necessity of campers to be strong swimmers to develop this important life skill. Please send a copy of certification to camp if Level 6 is completed at another facility. (The YMCA equivalent to Level 6 is Flying Fish.) If you are not sure of your daughter’s level, an estimate is fine. All new and returning campers will take part in a swim classification on opening day or within the first two days of classes to confirm their skill level and to be placed appropriately. Occasionally campers who have taken swimming at another facility to pass out will still need to complete through Level 6 at Illahee in order to be water safe on the lake. Note that a one-piece bathing suit is required on the waterfront.

summer swimming camp for girls at illahee


For those campers who love the Illahee waterfront! Splash is a period of free swim and water games with a chance to enjoy the water slide, Tarzan rope, diving dock. Wearing a lifejacket during Splash may be required of some level 3 and 4 swimmers to prevent fatigue. A one-piece bathing suit is required on the waterfront.

Synchronized Swimming

A traditional camp favorite; campers learn water ballet and a swim routine which is the highlight of the camp swim show. Campers must have passed the Level 5 or equivalent.

advanced swimming camp at illahee for girls

Sports Unlimited

A fun combination team sports and field games, such as ultimate frisbee, flag football and kickball

sports team camp at illahee for girls summer


Tennis skills and confidence are increased through individual instruction, fun drills and games. Camp tournaments are a highlight in the Three Week and Four Week sessions.

summer tennis for girls at illahee camp

Trips Training

For campers entering sixth grade and up, an introduction to kayaking on the lake, climbing instruction on the climbing wall and tower. Trips out of camp are offered as skills increase.

summer job teaching climbing and kayaking at camp illahee summer camp for girls

Trips Climbing

For campers entering eighth - eleventh grades; campers will participate in fun and instructional climbing trips for three days each week (campers' other activity choices meet on the alternate days). Campers in Trips Climbing are unable to take horsemanship, which meets daily and conflicts with the climbing schedule.

climbing for girls at summer camp illahee

Trips Kayaking

For campers entering eighth - eleventh grades; campers will participate in fun and instructional kayaking trips for three days each week (campers' other activity choices on the alternate days). Campers must be in Swimming Level 5 or above in order to take trips kayaking. Campers in Trips Kayaking are unable to take horsemanship, which meets daily and conflicts with the kayaking schedule.

summer job kayaking for girls at camp illahee

Trips Hiking

For campers entering eighth - eleventh grades; campers will participate in fun and challenging day hikes for three days each week (campers' other activity choices meet on the alternate days). Campers in Trips Hiking are unable to take horsemanship, which meets daily and conflicts with the hiking schedule.

summer job kayaking for girls at camp illahee


Campers design and build projects such as birdhouses, jewlery boxes, and wooden baskets as they learn basic woodworking skills; for entering 7th graders and up (entering 6th grade in August session).

wood fun at camp for girls illahee

To download a pdf file of the swimming levels for evaluation, please click here.

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