“Doughnuts with Ditter”

Our friend Bob Ditter , a child and family therapist from Boston and frequent speaker and contributor to the American Camping Association   has been visiting camp this week.  I first met Bob in 1986 when I was teaching at a girls’ boarding school in New Jersey.   Since then we have stayed connected through professional circles and … Continued

Finding the Spark

Gretchen and Gardner enjoy a conference day!

Tuesday began a little earlier than usual for Gretchen and Gardner who were up at the crack of dawn to travel over Caesar’s head and down the mountain to Greenville where they joined a few hundred camp comrades for the American Camp Association Southeastern Conference. Back home, Lindsey, Dave, and Laurie manned the office and … Continued

Recharged and Ready for 2017!

It has been a quick month since Camp Illahee’s 96th summer closed, and we are celebrating a new year of getting ready for the next Best Summer Ever!  Enrollment opened on August 15th with a record number of applications coming in that first day.  Returning campers have until September 15th to re-enroll and after their … Continued

Welcome Four Week and Mini 1 Campers!

Four campers arm and arm swim in the swim lake.

One of my favorite things in this day of virtual relationships is to see “real” ones resume where they left off at the end of camp 11 months ago. There are usually squeals…and BIG “arm-sweeping” hugs. There is no doubt…camp is about the relationships. We work hard year-round to make our facility look great…to add new … Continued

Final Night of the Summer Camp Three-Week Session!

a cabin pauses to reflect on their wish on summer camp's final night

I wonder if everyone gets more nostalgic as they age? The last days of camp are pretty long for us on the leadership team, and by the time final campfire rolls around, my body is ready to put another log on the fire and head to the tent. Sometimes I wonder if my Apple Watch step counter wonders … Continued

Sing Around the Lake and Canoe Formation

Illahee campers sharing good vibes

Tonight begins the carefully choreographed set of closing activities that leads us to Friday morning’s pick-up. It has been a whirlwind of a session…in some respects looking back at the images flashing across the big screen tonight, opening day seems a world away. A lot has transpired since then. Girls have grown in “camp time” (a … Continued

Illahee in the History Books

Campers reading about Illahee's past

Browsing through my favorite bookstore, Highland Books in downtown Brevard, I stumbled on the latest Images of America, Summer Camps Around Asheville and Hendersonville  by Melanie English.  Illahee is prominently featured on pages 24 to 34.  Earlier that day I had shared some of Illahee’s history with the older campers, the Sparks.  We read letters … Continued

Challenge Faced. Confidence Built.

staff and camper on a sunny day at riding

As a counselor, there is nothing more exciting to me than helping a camper overcome a challenge. Camp is such an incredible place to push our physical boundaries. We want to carefully and thoughtfully encourage our campers to stretch their comfort zones. By doing this, campers start to recognize their potential for growth. As they … Continued