Tree Day and Air Band!

The sounds of screen doors slamming…the occasional squeal, with the loud cacophony of crickets in the background are music to my ears. When I’m old and gray, I hope they have screen doors in the nursing home when they wheel me out into the hallway 🙂 Actually, maybe I won’t be a pain in the … Continued

Willy Wonka’s Final Night…and Our’s Too!

The perfect end to a perfect session. There’s part of me that would love for this to go on forever. I think if I could reconcile the sleep thing, I’d be good to go. It’s true…the older I get, the less I need, so maybe in five or ten more years, we’ll just keep these … Continued

Sunday, Sunday…so good to me.

I do know that the Mamas and Papas were singing about Mondays, but today fulfilled my fantasy of what an Illahee Sunday should be. I’ve been whining the last couple of Sundays because we pack so much into each morning…cabin photos…individual portraits…a big Sunday lunch, and a special event afterwards. Then, there’s the cook-out and … Continued

Welcome Mini 2 Campers!

A great big welcome to all of our Mini 2  families! Hopefully, by now you have found a picture of your camper already having a big booming time with her cabinmates. There is a lot that goes on in our photo galleries, and I encourage you to “tag” your camper when you find her. We … Continued

The Compression of Everything…

“The 7th grade hike is the BEST day ever!” Hopefully, every day at camp touches girls with a similar sentiment. Each session, I take several all-day trips with rising seventh graders on what has come to be known as “cabin adventures.” I have a staple hike that is just so stunning that every Illahee girl … Continued

Sliding Rock on the 4th of July Weekend?!

I’ll have to admit, I thought we were crazy when I saw the “Program Notes” this week and saw that Sliding Rock was scheduled for tonight. After all, it’s Saturday night of a long holiday weekend. The weather has been absolutely perfect, gas prices are lower, and it’s hot everywhere except the mountains. That’s a … Continued

A Fair Summer Evening

There are balls bouncing in our driveway and some music playing in the background…lots of voices and an occasional squeal. The sounds of summer. Liza, our two-year old Lab is whining at the doorway. She loves to play ball. Soccer is more her game than basketball, so she’ll do what she can to steal the … Continued

Royalty Abounds in the Heavenly World!

I “get” the fascination with this spring’s royal wedding. Though I would deny this to my mountain bike buddies, or the crowd I count on to watch the Super Bowl with, I logged a few hours of coverage myself. We all need a good party to distract us once in a while. Life’s a celebration … Continued

The Importance of a Good Rain Plan…

I’ll have to admit, I was eyeing the radar screen surreptitiously on the old iphone, hoping those bright greens and reds would move right into our path right before dinner. What I wasn’t expecting was the loud BOOM that started the squeals and screams from all corners! A good old-fashioned summer thunderstorm. In the mountains, … Continued

The Pleasures of Ice-Cream and Sliding Rock!

Some of you may not know about the Sliding Rock Challenge. A trip to this natural rock slide in the Davidson River is part of every Illahee girl’s session. I like to accompany every trip…they’re just that fun. Despite the silliness and pure pleasure of watching so much fun, I like to make sure we’re … Continued