Camper Information

At Illahee, we want every camper's experience to be terrific! Please take a few minutes to complete the following form to let us know a little bit more about your camper so that we can make sure that she has an amazing summer.

Please fill out a separate form for EACH camper.

IF you have already completed this online form for your camper, and have a change, please DO NOT complete another one. Email Gretchen ( your additional information.

Please check the session your camper is enrolled in for 2020.

(Sunday June 7-Friday June 26)
(Sunday June 28-Friday July 24)
(Sunday June 28-Friday July 10)
(Sunday July 12-Friday July 24)
(Sunday July 26-Friday August 7)
(Sunday August 9-Friday August 14)

Arrival and Departure Information:

Openings and closings are exciting days at Illahee. They are full of anticipation for counselors, campers, and parents alike! We try to make openings and closings efficient and fun. You can read more about what to expect on these first and last days in our parent handbook.

If you plan to come to camp by car, please arrive between 10:00 am and 12:00 noon on opening day. Because we pre-assign beds to all campers, there is no reason to arrive earlier than 10:00 am. We will be busy putting some finishing touches on our Heavenly World prior to this!

If your camper must arrive late to camp, please email Lindsey at camp and also include the alternate plans in the Travel Notes box below.

For all others, please let us know when your camper will arrive at camp:

Now, please let us know how your camper will arrive at camp. If she is arriving at camp by car, please choose vehicle. If she is flying into Asheville(AVL) or Greenville, SC (GSP), and you would like for us to provide transportation to camp from the airport, please choose AIRPLANEIf you are flying with her and renting a car, please choose vehicle.   In the “Travel Notes” box below, please include her flight information (airline, flight number and arrival time).  Please also Email Lindsey her itinerary and any details.

All campers age fourteen and under must travel as unaccompanied minors. This always involves an extra fee with the airlines. Please pay all fees in advance (when buying your ticket) for both arriving and departing flights. Please list Lindsey Guye as the name on any forms as the person designated to meet your child at the airport. NOTE: Restrictions for unaccompanied minors vary by airline and it is important to be up to date with the most recent guidelines.

Please let us know how she will depart from camp. If your camper is departing camp by car, please choose vehicle. If she is flying out of Asheville (AVL) or Greenville, SC (GSP), AND you need for us to provide transportation from camp to the airport, please choose AIRPLANE.  In the “Travel Notes” box below, please include her flight information (airline, flight number and departure time).  Please also Email Lindsey her itinerary and any details. 

Travel Notes:

Shipping Luggage Home After Camp

Please make sure you also indicate your desire to ship luggage home when you fill out the Ship's Store Pre-order form.

My plans are to ship the following items home after camp:

for shipping the luggage. Include a delivery phone number as well.

Ship To Name:

Ship To Street Address:

Ship To City, ST, Zip:

Ship To Phone Number:

Camper Confidential Information

Please know that the following information will be treated confidentially and is used by the directors to provide a terrific experience for your camper. Please do not hesitate to call the camp office at (828) 883-2181 or to email Gretchen Greene at if you would prefer to discuss any information in person.

If your answer is non-specific, (i.e. N/A, None, Does Not Apply, She's a Great Girl), please leave response boxes blank!

What would you like for us to tell your daughter's counselor about her?

What insights do you have that will help us in working with your daughter at camp this summer?

Are there any personal factors that may affect your daughter's adjustment to camp or to her cabin? Examples may include a recent change in the family, a separation or death, a recent move, a school event, ADD or ADHD, health or dietary issues not explained on the health form.

Cabin Requests

Most campers do not make cabin requests. Though we encourage campers to meet new friends by limiting cabin requests, we will try to honor a request if girls are in the same grade and the request is made by a parent or guardian of each girl at least two weeks prior to the start of the session. We do limit campers in a cabin from a specific geographic area and school and reserve the right to make final placement decisions. NO changes can be made on opening day or thereafter.

I would like to request to be in the same cabin with the following camper:(Be sure and contact your request to make sure it is mutual!)

Please do not place my camper with the following camper:

That's all there is to it! Thanks for taking the time to send this information to us. It will help us have the BEST Summer Ever with your camper.

Press Submit only once. You will know we have received your response when you reach a Thank You Page!