What is Illahee?

Illahee in the Chinook language of the Pacific Northwest means “home, land, and community.” This expresses the very best of what campers, counselors and staff experience every summer.

Since 1921, Camp Illahee has given girls the opportunity to explore their interests, seek new adventures and forge friendships and memories that last a lifetime. We invite you to come and be transformed by this place, by these people, and by the many experiences you might have at Camp Illahee.

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Illahee at a Glance

The Illahee experience includes swimming in a natural lake, listening to crickets and frogs during the night, running outside on a rainy day and enjoying the independence of travelling to activities along white gravel paths. Rather than relying on a virtual experience, Illahee girls enjoy the unique opportunity of living closely in nature.

Western North Carolina’s cool mountains provide the backdrop for Illahee’s 110 acre setting. With 275 campers, Illahee’s 3 to 1 camper to staff ratio assures that each camper is noticed and well cared for in camp.

Counselor Role Models:
Love and Encourage Campers
Six Sessions for Girls:
ranging from five days
to four weeks
Five Generations:
celebrating camp since 1921
Mountain Setting:
Beautiful Brevard, NC