Attitude of Gratitude

If you’re like me, the post-Thanksgiving let-down may be mixed with a few sighs of relief. I enjoy a routine, and am reminded of that after a full week of late nights catching up with family and endless feasting. I do love this holiday- there’s less pressure than Christmas and we’ve nailed down our family … Continued

The Royal Wedding

Illahee girls dream about a camp wedding and on August 28th Gardner and Lucas’ wedding made that a reality! Camp weddings are few and far between, and we thought you might enjoy some of the inside scoop. As the M.O.B. I was able to enjoy the celebration first hand, especially knowing that Gardner was being … Continued

Slowing Our Pace!

The fall-colored mums and pumpkin displays have begun making appearances on the neighborhood stoops. October is here! Since moving to S.C. fall seems like a distant reach- the season we are currently in is one long extension of summer. It’s hot and humid with a capital “H”; we are thankful for new friends with swimming … Continued

County Fair Comes to Town!

I’m always amazed during camp when our outstanding maintenance crew rolls by and says “see you tomorrow”! I forget how quickly the days pass during camp. This marks the “second” part of our day…there’s still a lot more fun to be had after 5:00 PM! Today was the second day of activity and campers were … Continued

Springtime at Illahee

We are counting down the days until camp opens and we know our campers and staff are looking forward to being with their Illahee family this summer. Our year-round camp family and director team has grown with Marie and Turner starting work here last Monday! Turner has been helping Gordon open camp and Lindsey is … Continued

Time To Un-Plug!

I am 28 years old, and according to science, my prefrontal cortex has been developed for three years now. For your Psych. 101 refresher, the prefrontal cortex plays a crucial role in our decision-making, impulse control, goals and planning for the future. Scientists say that our brains are fully developed by age 25. This is … Continued

Miss Independent!

I am sitting at home with my seven year old, Brooks, watching him create play-dough sculptures as I write from my couch. He has begun launching homemade cannonballs through the hall. We are on what seems to be his 100th Virtual Day of the school year. The threat of ice prompted Transylvania County to call … Continued