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It’s not just the campers that make Illahee such a special summer camp for girls. With great love, spirit, and generosity, the counselors and staff at Camp Illahee have endowed our community with dedicated service and positive mentoring. There’s hardly an aspect of the Illahee lifestyle that has not been touched by the generations of truly remarkable people who have spent their summers (and some year-rounds) making Illahee the extraordinary place that it is.


 how will i decide?



Our staff thrives on having fun with children, being silly and fostering creativity. Being a camp counselor is hard work. At Illahee, we are looking for people who can share new ideas, teach with enthusiasm and enjoy building relationships with children. If you are not an expert in riding or rock climbing, that’s okay! Your talents may lend themselves to one of our other activity programs.


Staff training (orientation) is a time to work together, play together, and become a team. Counselors learn new skills and more about their jobs at camp. Because the work you do is so important, our orientation period is approximately six days long in addition to special pre-camp workshops and certification courses for riding, life-guarding, climbing and kayaking. By working and playing together, we will become a team, and our new skills will enable our campers to have a terrific summer at camp! By the end of orientation, you will feel like an experienced Illahee staff member, and you’ll be ready to handle anything!


Each Sunday, a Christian worship service is held in the beautiful Woodland Chapel. Working together, campers and counselors plan and carry out the Sunday services, which contributes to the unity of spirit at Camp Illahee. Once a week, there is an optional, informal staff Bible study. This is a wonderful time to relax, enjoy fellowship, and to share with other counselors.


smile goes a long way

learning tricks of the trade

worship in Woodland Chapel


What will Life at camp be like?



Cabin Counselors live in comfortable, screened-in cabins with the campers, having a single bed and space for personal items. Some riding, rock climbing, kayaking, art and non-cabin staff live in separate staff housing.


Cabins for younger campers have bathrooms in the cabin with a separate shower house. A centrally located shower/bath house serves older girls and their counselors.

Will I have internet access and my cell phone?

Yes. We offer internet access in our office and staff lounge, which is also the home for cell-phones! Staff have the opportunity to catch up with friends and family during off-duty time. Please note, though, a large number of people streaming from different devices does strain the wi-fi reliability. We encourage counselors to plug-in to our camp community first and foremost for a truly rewarding summer!

Do I need Insurance?

Yes! The nurses in the Wishing Well and the camp doctor will care for staff to the best of their ability. Beyond that, counselors are responsible for additional doctor’s visits and all medications prescribed during the summer at camp. Illahee maintains worker’s compensation insurance as mandated by North Carolina law, which covers staff if they are injured on-duty while performing required elements of their job.


Yes! You are always busy at camp, so some R&R is important. Cabin counselors have a free period each day that is built into the activity schedule. You can use the time to catch a nap, exercise, plan for an activity or program, read, or make a quick trip into town. Cabin counselors enjoy an evening and a day off each week: an afternoon and evening off from 12:45 p.m. to midnight and an additional evening off from 6:00 p.m. to midnight. Non-cabin staff is off on Sundays. Our curfew is 12:00 midnight. This means all counselors and staff should have their head on their pillow for essential beauty sleep! All staff are expected to participate in the camp program when not scheduled for time-off.

WHAt If I have a wedding or family event during the season?

We do our best to accommodate special leave during the summer. We ask that requests be made as early as possible and that the leave is for a true special event, a family reunion or wedding, not a concert for a favorite band! We can’t guarantee a yes because there are may pieces to the time-off puzzle but we do try!

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Can I Make Money Doing This?

You can make GREAT money being a camp counselor! Our goal is to attract the best people to Illahee so we have positioned our salary scale among the highest in the industry. Cabin Staff earn a weekly base salary of $275. Add-ons per week to the base salary are determined by your age/education, responsibilities, skills and experience, applicable certifications held. Finally, end-of-season bonuses are available for those who can commit to working a full nine or ten weeks of the season. With your housing, three great meals a day, and laundry provided, it is much easier to save your salary at camp than it is working at home or in your college town.

Can I Earn Credit For School?

There are many aspects of a counselor’s job that can provide the experience for an official internship, complete with college credits. We are happy to explore this possibility with you and to help tailor ideas that you can present to your college advisor. Illahee is committed to providing the observations, evaluations, and paperwork that may be required.

Will “Camp Counselor” Look Good On My Resume?

Yes! Don’t be surprised if in future job interviews you talk more about your camp experience than any other job on your resume. Most business leaders understand and appreciate the challenge and value gained from being a camp counselor. They know that camp work teaches you to make good decisions, to think on your feet, and to work with others. These skills aren’t easy to develop in a typical office setting.


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