Think outside the Office

If you are looking for the perfect summer job, we invite you to think “outside the office” and discover just how fun a summer job can be! We invite you to learn skills such as communication, problem solving, critical thinking, strategic planning, and teamwork, all while playing capture the flag, becoming a Miss Universe contestant, choreographing a dance to the latest hip-hop, even enjoying rest hour and evening milk and cookies! We invite you to experience the reward of high-fiving a camper who gets a bulls-eye in archery, hugging a camper who misses home, encouraging a camper as she pushes off the zipline, and sharing a smile with a camper, just because. An Illahee summer is a season for broadening your horizons and for being part of a team of caring individuals. We invite you to explore, and perhaps, share our “heavenly world.”


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In their own words: Counselor Testimonials

Camp Illahee inspires unconditional love and fierce loyalty in almost everyone who has spent a summer helping make each camp session the “best summer ever.” We thought you’d like to hear from some of them.

Ellie McCollam, 7 years as a camper, 2 on staff
Last summer was hands down the best summer of my life at camp. I did not think it was going to be that way going into it, but I realized that I love being a counselor more than being a camper.  It made me want to be the best version of myself and I loved literally every second of it.   
Laurel Thaxton, 7 years as a camper, 1 on staff
The most rewarding thing about working at camp is when you get to see the development of the campers that you’ve been with. You are able to see them make new friends, grow as a person, and watch them come out of their shell day by day. At the end of each session it is a joy to watch them go back home and share all of the memories that they’ve made at camp.
Claudia Salwey (left), 1 year on staff
I had the most amazing time at camp last summer, it was my first experience of summer camp and it was everything I hoped it would be and more. Although I knew no one going into the experience, Illahee was a magical community that welcomed me with open arms. 
Carter Plaster (left), 9 years as a camper, 2 on staff
The community of both campers and staff is so uplifting and encouraging, and I think this is what sets Illahee apart from other places. I love trying new things without fear of failure, and watching campers do the same. Illahee is a place that we need in this day of age, one disconnected with technology but interconnected with lifelong relationships and fun. 


If you would like to speak personally with a former or current counselor, we will be happy to provide you with a contact list.
Send us an email or contact our office at (828) 883-2181.


The Illahee Family

It’s not just the campers that make Illahee such a special summer camp for girls. With great love, spirit, and generosity, the counselors and staff at Camp Illahee have endowed our community with dedicated service and positive mentoring. There’s hardly an aspect of the Illahee lifestyle that has not been touched by the generations of truly remarkable people (click here to meet our directors) who have spent their summers (and some year-rounds) making Illahee the extraordinary place that it is.

In many circumstances, a job is just a job. But at Illahee, our summer staff positions are so much more than that. When you join our Illahee family, you share in our “heavenly world” by encouraging, inspiring, and participating in the fun and discovery of a summer well spent. Ready to find out more?

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