General job Description

  • share living space with 8-10 campers of the same grade (rising 2nd through rising 11th) and, for younger campers, a co-counselor
  • provide setting that maintains the health, safety and general well-being of the cabin group
  • serve as a positive role model for the campers through exercising patience, flexibility, a sense of humor, good communication and a genuine desire to spend time with campers
  • have fun

Specific Responsibilities include

  • getting to know each camper by spending time with them
  • supervising campers during cabin time – specifically in the morning, at rest hour and at bedtime
  • observing campers’ adjustment to camp life and overseeing their physical and mental well-being throughout the session¬† – including being away from home, hygiene habits, and social skills
  • serving family-style meals in the dining hall
  • helping campers keep up with their belongings during their time at camp

Staff Benefits

  • competitive pay based on experience
  • room and board provided
  • laundry facility on camp (done weekly for staff)
  • applicable certification opportunities explored
  • discount cards for town businesses

Resume Building skills Gained

  • daily practice of critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication and problem solving
  • regular opportunities for responsibility, facilitation, mediation, taking initiative and following through
  • community engagement modeling and teaching pro-social behaviors such as cooperation, resilience, tolerance and inclusion


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