Explore your creative side

Our full menu of arts and crafts provides the girls all the skills and materials they need to express themselves, no matter the medium. Activities include drawing, jewelry-making, painting, ceramics, woodworking, basket weaving, paper-making and stitchery.


Sew Unique

It’s true that Camp Illahee keeps its girls “in-stiches.” Nowhere is this more true than in our needlecraft classes, where practical sewing and cross-stitching instruction leads to a variety of fun and exciting projects.


With their acrylics or watercolors, campers bring Illahee to life with a stroke of their brush. In the art studio or out and about in camp, there is no shortage of subjects for budding impressionists to contemplate.

Fiber Arts

Our campers are introduced to a new art form with a twist! Girls weave pillows, belts and other fun projects while exploring different techniques and types of looms.


We invite campers to carve out their place in the woodworking pantheon by designing and building projects while learning basic skills. Basic safety skills are also taught.


Sitting at a wheel, coaxing wet clay into a keepsake, our campers take part in a craft tradition that stretches back centuries here in the Southern Highlands. We teach both hand-built and wheel-thrown techniques and never fail to get our girls “fired-up” over pottery and ceramics.


We’re not saying that Camp Illahee is a necessary first step for a future Julia Child, but all great chefs have to start somewhere. Learning how to make desserts, salads, and rolls might be all the inspiration they need.


Drama gives girls a chance to explore the stage as they act, build sets, choose costumes and work together to mount a production. The final week at Illahee is always marked by a spectacular performance.


If all the world’s a stage, then Illahee provides an excellent place to rehearse. Dance and movement lessons give girls a chance to coordinate steps to music.