Final Night Brings Tears, Laughter, Reminiscing…

A Camper Holds a Wish Boat candle on the last night of camp.

Adolescence for girls is a roller coaster…and camp is an anchor. It’s not the only anchor, but it’s a powerful one in the tempest of teen years. It struck me on Father’s Day how important it is for dads to keep their head in the game when raising daughters…dads are key. You should be that … Continued

Be A GREAT Girl!

Two campers make homemade ice cream with their counselor.

If we were selling a product, Be a Great Girl would be our tagline. We have it incorporated into signs on every hill, in the architecture (bottom of the dining hall doors), and even in a hashtag #bagg that is used as a reminder like I used to say every time Gardner or Turner left … Continued