New Resource for Travelling to Camp!

Illahee families have a helpful new resource for planning their trip to camp.  Laurie Strayhorn met recently with local Brevard Chamber representatives and a few area camp directors to give input for a new section to the  Visit Waterfalls  website.  The result is the Camp Family page designed especially for campers and parents.  It is … Continued

How to Fit a Session into a Week!

One of my favorite things to do during camp is to take pictures to post on our website. First, it gets me out of the office, where I have a fairly consistent list of things I could attend to. I guess I’ll eventually check most of it off. During camp, office work feels kind of … Continued

Valentine’s Day and Back to the Rock with Heigh Ho!

Tonight had that summer feel to it. There were fireflies everywhere, neighbors were out visiting on their porches, yet it is still cool in the mountains. The sweetness and innocence of summer. There is something that feels very “fifties” about Dolly’s ice cream. It’s a low-slung building with ice cream cone shaped lights slung from … Continued

The Debut of Hannah Ford Farm for Spark Day!

Most parents don’t consider one of the greatest benefits of camp…that for most girls, it is a love that extends through and well past the “dreaded” teenage years. I’ve always known that Illahee girls count the days down until camp starts, but the advent of Twitter and Facebook have made the excitement pretty easy to … Continued

Back to the Rock and Pineview Goes to Kuykendall!

Camp is such a great opportunity to just be a kid, and nothing brings out the kid in you like Sliding Rock and Dollys. It is Big Booming Fun! The Rock has been part of the fabric of this “Land of Waterfalls” since it was settled, and generations upon generations have enjoyed its chilly waters … Continued

Sliding Rock on the 4th of July Weekend?!

I’ll have to admit, I thought we were crazy when I saw the “Program Notes” this week and saw that Sliding Rock was scheduled for tonight. After all, it’s Saturday night of a long holiday weekend. The weather has been absolutely perfect, gas prices are lower, and it’s hot everywhere except the mountains. That’s a … Continued