All the World’s a Stage!

I jinxed myself. If you reread yesterday’s post, scroll down a couple of paragraphs and I almost sound cocky. “Bored” was certainly not the right choice of words to describe my state, as it is never boring at camp. “Weird” was probably a better choice. I felt a little unusual because things were going so … Continued

Tree Day and Air Band!

Today may very well have been the most beautiful summer day I have ever seen in the Heavenly. Really. It was that amazing. Like yesterday, it was a “BIG H” day…high pressure in the Heavenly. But, there was a crispness to the air…all day long…that just put a little extra pep in everyone’s step. I … Continued

Tree Day and Air Band!

The sounds of screen doors slamming…the occasional squeal, with the loud cacophony of crickets in the background are music to my ears. When I’m old and gray, I hope they have screen doors in the nursing home when they wheel me out into the hallway 🙂 Actually, maybe I won’t be a pain in the … Continued

Spark Day and Air Band!

I certainly don’t want to jinx things, but one sure sign of a great staff is that I have not seen a homesick tear yet this summer, and we are almost four weeks into the season! An interesting phenomenon with homesickness…the campers who struggle with it at the start of a session are usually the … Continued