Sundays at Camp!

Sunday is my favorite day of the week, year round. It is the one day that I try to keep low key…one of the challenges of loving what I do, and living where I work…is leaving it behind occasionally during the off-season. I love to work outside…”piddling” I call it. If a tractor needs work, … Continued

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!

I love Sundays at camp. There’s something so pure and open about this community that makes us all acutely aware of God’s presence at almost every turn. On Sundays, we love to worship Him in His Woodland Chapel in thanksgiving for all that we have been given…especially each other and the opportunity to spend these … Continued

What does it mean when we say Illahee is A Christian Camp?

With the onset of the Christmas season, I have been thinking about what it means for Illahee to be a Christian summer camp. It’s no coincidence that Illahee is known by its family as “the heavenly world.” That title is used interchangeably with the camp’s name. The underlying core of the Illahee experience is the … Continued

Welcome Mini 2 Campers!

A great big welcome to all of our Mini 2  families! Hopefully, by now you have found a picture of your camper already having a big booming time with her cabinmates. There is a lot that goes on in our photo galleries, and I encourage you to “tag” your camper when you find her. We … Continued

Happy Father’s Day

I must be the envy of every father out there this Sunday in June. It’s like being Bono walking down the streets of New York (notice how I didn’t choose Justin Bieber). As everyone’s camp dad, I’m a rock star!  It’s hard to turn a corner without hearing a sweet voice or chorus say, “Happy … Continued