The Cabin is a Family

opening day cabin picture

Cabin life is a big part of the Camp Illahee experience.  We like to think of the cabin group as a “family at camp.”  When a camper arrives on opening day, Kris greets her at the gate with her cabin assignment. Girls are often full of emotion as they hop out of their car to … Continued

The Summer 2012 has begun!

Yesterday we celebrated  Memorial Day with the arrival of  the 2012 camp staff !  After nine months of planning, the start of orientation is a welcome beginning to summer.  I have to admit, that I always get butterflies with camp’s opening and the flurry of last minute preparations and projects,  but after our first evening … Continued

Bingo, Scavengers and Harry Potter!

Here’s a business philosophy that can apply to most situations…if you can, try to say “yes.” That’s something that Laurie and I try to live by running camp, and you’d be surprised at how often we surprise those doing the asking. At first blush, you might think that we’d get taken advantage of…but I guess … Continued