Record Enrollment for 2015!

A group of Sparks pose on the Slip n Slide.

There has been a lot going on in the Heavenly World since 2015 applications went “live” on August 3rd! All sessions with the exception of the Junior Session are filled with waiting lists! Illahee girls are registered from 29 states and 7 foreign countries. A trend toward older returning campers (who can’t imagine an Illahee-free … Continued

Surprise Day at Disney!

We awakened this morning to our Heavenly world transformed into Disney World, thanks to our terrific group of CITs from the Paw Paw Patch. CITs are technically still campers, in their last year before transitioning to Junior Counselors, and happily for long time camp parents, drawing paychecks! CITs are rising Juniors in high school, many … Continued

Final Night in the Arctic Freeze

Final night is a pretty emotional time for our entire community. Illahee attracts great girls, but there are some really GREAT girls this session, and they love Illahee. The future is certainly bright for our heavenly world. I wrote at the start of the session that Laurie and I see our time here as stewardship … Continued

The Debut of Hannah Ford Farm for Spark Day!

Most parents don’t consider one of the greatest benefits of camp…that for most girls, it is a love that extends through and well past the “dreaded” teenage years. I’ve always known that Illahee girls count the days down until camp starts, but the advent of Twitter and Facebook have made the excitement pretty easy to … Continued

Willy Wonka’s Final Night…and Our’s Too!

The perfect end to a perfect session. There’s part of me that would love for this to go on forever. I think if I could reconcile the sleep thing, I’d be good to go. It’s true…the older I get, the less I need, so maybe in five or ten more years, we’ll just keep these … Continued

Bingo, Scavengers and Harry Potter!

Here’s a business philosophy that can apply to most situations…if you can, try to say “yes.” That’s something that Laurie and I try to live by running camp, and you’d be surprised at how often we surprise those doing the asking. At first blush, you might think that we’d get taken advantage of…but I guess … Continued

Dohivi Noche in Bella Italia!

A number of years ago, we threw caution to the wind and changed a tradition at camp. After much weeping and gnashing of teeth from the 13-14 year old age group, that change is now a tradition, and one of my favorite at camp. Before, final campfire was a parade of activity heads acknowledging this  … Continued