Farewell 2012 (The Best Summer Ever)!

Not much surprises me after 23 years of camp directing, but I am often touched by the kindness of others. Tonight it came in a small package at an unexpected time. We had just finished floating Wish Boats on the swim lake, when a Hillbrook Camper, probably around 8 or 9 came up to me … Continued

A Great Big Welcome to Our July and Mini 1 Campers!

Camp just doesn’t feel right without campers…even for the day that we take to regroup between sessions. We said goodbye to a terrific group of three-weekers on Friday, and counselors had yesterday to explore the area, sleep…some of them to move into new cabins. We welcomed a new crew of Junior Counselors and a few … Continued

Final Night in the Arctic Freeze

Final night is a pretty emotional time for our entire community. Illahee attracts great girls, but there are some really GREAT girls this session, and they love Illahee. The future is certainly bright for our heavenly world. I wrote at the start of the session that Laurie and I see our time here as stewardship … Continued

Final Night 2011…the Best Summer Ever!

It seems like just a few short weeks ago that we were greeting counselors with an optimism that this would really be the Best Summer Ever. The reality is that there’s a lot that goes into that hope that is beyond all of the careful planning and screening that we do each year…and all of … Continued

Welcome August Session Campers!

Camp feels more like camp when campers are here. We have some friends who run other camps who take two or three days between sessions…I would lose my “Mo”(mentum) with that long of a break. I just like camp better when it is full of happy, squealing, fun-loving girls. It’s just what we do. Our … Continued

Sunday, Sunday…so good to me.

I do know that the Mamas and Papas were singing about Mondays, but today fulfilled my fantasy of what an Illahee Sunday should be. I’ve been whining the last couple of Sundays because we pack so much into each morning…cabin photos…individual portraits…a big Sunday lunch, and a special event afterwards. Then, there’s the cook-out and … Continued

Happy Father’s Day

I must be the envy of every father out there this Sunday in June. It’s like being Bono walking down the streets of New York (notice how I didn’t choose Justin Bieber). As everyone’s camp dad, I’m a rock star!  It’s hard to turn a corner without hearing a sweet voice or chorus say, “Happy … Continued