Nothing like a Great Camp Day!

It was NICE to be in camp all day today. And for those of you keeping score, being around this crowd settled any tech frustrations I may have been feeling last night when I was fighting with our website. It’s hard to stay mad when you’re at camp! And, (fingers crossed), I think I may … Continued

A Perfect Carolina Day!

Today I ducked out of Rise and Shine with camera in tow, and headed to the Beanstalk before I got caught up in the myriad logistical things that we need to think through on any given day. It was a beautiful morning and I wanted to get some video and still shots looking back toward … Continued

Bingo, Scavengers and Harry Potter!

Here’s a business philosophy that can apply to most situations…if you can, try to say “yes.” That’s something that Laurie and I try to live by running camp, and you’d be surprised at how often we surprise those doing the asking. At first blush, you might think that we’d get taken advantage of…but I guess … Continued

Kuykendall, Reverse Scavenger Hunt and a Night to “Chill”

Today was a busy day…it started at around 7:00 am when we loaded a van with two bus drivers (one me and the other Roy who has been driving for us for almost ten years) and two van drivers and headed to Kuykendall to pick up the older girls from Pineview. It is close to … Continued