Farm Gardening!

It looks like we have finally turned the corner to spring on a beautiful Saturday in the mountains! Last week, we had sleet and a winter weather advisory…in April! We all have spring fever and can’t wait for camp to start. Tom and Tim have been out working on a new raised bed garden at … Continued

Where is Summer?!

It has been cold and wintry here in the Heavenly! Today is beautiful and sunny, and it looks like we will warm back up through the Easter weekend. See if you can pick out the snowcapped mountains in the back of Hannah Ford farm. Brevard has recently become the cycling capital of the South, and … Continued

Capture the Flag!

One of my fondest memories growing up were neighborhood-wide games of Capture the Flag. We’d play til we were red in the face, completely dehydrated…exhausted. My mom would finally ring the big farm bell that sat on a pole by the walk to our back door, and we knew it was time to come in. … Continued

A Great Day for Cabin Groups

By day three of  camp, cabin groups start to feel like family.   This morning Gordon and I started the day with our heads of hill and leadership team at 7:30 where we catch a more detailed pulse of cabin life.  Resoundingly, the report from each hill’s leader was that “these girls love camp!”  Activities … Continued

Oh Say Can You See? Happy Fourth!

What an amazing day! This is how the Fourth should be celebrated! I will say, at 10:36 PM as I sit down to write, I am glad that it has ended safely and with lots of happy campers and staff. Our last crew is off the road, back from an afternoon and evening at the … Continued

Not So Hot!

Usually in the South, when it’s hot…it’s thick. Yucky, sweaty thick. Humidity…or as the big tackle for the short-lived Memphis Showboats of the USFL said back in 1984 after a particularly hot and hard practice, “this humility’s killing me.” 🙂 As I predicted,the weather folks fell far short of the the predicted 97 degrees. It … Continued

Luaus, Bingo and Farm Overnight for the Big Girls!

On behalf of our extremely “slack” web hosts, I apologize for yesterday’s technology snafu. We had a similar website “down” issue at the start of the June session, and believe it or not, the root cause is interest. Our site gets a lot of traffic from everyone checking out pictures, reading the blog, etc. But, … Continued

Surprise Day in Candyland!

I’ll tell you…it was a busy day in the Heavenly! Laurie and I started a little earlier than the average Illahee day with our weekly Tuesday morning Counselor Bible study, and I actually had to duck out early from that to pack out the food for our first rising 7th Grade Adventure! In what has … Continued

Hannah Ford Barns are Almost Complete!

Wow! We’ve come a long way. I’m kicking myself for not taking a straight-on “before” picture of the old barns at the farm, but check this out to the left. A week of warm weather allowed the boys to finish the red paint on the outside of the big barn. Neighbors have been stopping by … Continued