A Perfect Carolina Day!

Today I ducked out of Rise and Shine with camera in tow, and headed to the Beanstalk before I got caught up in the myriad logistical things that we need to think through on any given day. It was a beautiful morning and I wanted to get some video and still shots looking back toward … Continued

Lots of Adventuring Going on Around Here…

I woke this morning early to a beautiful sunrise. Camp was so quiet. I guess I made too much noise because Laurie was stirring right behind me, and I knew the dogs wouldn’t be far behind her. Liza, our two-year old “pup” is still confined to the laundry room though she’d like to be moved … Continued

Tree Day and Air Band!

The sounds of screen doors slamming…the occasional squeal, with the loud cacophony of crickets in the background are music to my ears. When I’m old and gray, I hope they have screen doors in the nursing home when they wheel me out into the hallway 🙂 Actually, maybe I won’t be a pain in the … Continued

A Fair Summer Evening

There are balls bouncing in our driveway and some music playing in the background…lots of voices and an occasional squeal. The sounds of summer. Liza, our two-year old Lab is whining at the doorway. She loves to play ball. Soccer is more her game than basketball, so she’ll do what she can to steal the … Continued

Spark Day and Air Band!

I certainly don’t want to jinx things, but one sure sign of a great staff is that I have not seen a homesick tear yet this summer, and we are almost four weeks into the season! An interesting phenomenon with homesickness…the campers who struggle with it at the start of a session are usually the … Continued

Busy, busy, busy…

Occasionally, when I walk by Assistant Director Kris Campbell’s office, with her back still to me, she’ll mutter “busy, busy, busy…” That was today for all of us at camp. In any given day, there’s just a LOT going on. It started again with an early morning trip to Kuykendall to pick up Laurie and … Continued

Kuykendall, Reverse Scavenger Hunt and a Night to “Chill”

Today was a busy day…it started at around 7:00 am when we loaded a van with two bus drivers (one me and the other Roy who has been driving for us for almost ten years) and two van drivers and headed to Kuykendall to pick up the older girls from Pineview. It is close to … Continued