We Love Brevard!

Hiking and more in the Brevard area!

If you are coming to Illahee this summer for the Alumnae Reunion or to bring your daughter to camp, we encourage you to plan some time to enjoy the Brevard area.  Not only is this a super area for camp, but it’s a great spot to enjoy your own vacation!  Here are some activities and … Continued

Final Night at the Soda Shop!

For some reason, two week final night is more dramatic than other sessions. By dramatic, I don’t mean dramatic in a derogatory sense. It is real. Maybe it’s that my gauge is Pineview…and right after a pretty sentimental closing campfire. It sounds like a “turkey farm” outside my window…girls arm and arm, some crying softly, … Continued

The Pleasures of Ice-Cream and Sliding Rock!

Some of you may not know about the Sliding Rock Challenge. A trip to this natural rock slide in the Davidson River is part of every Illahee girl’s session. I like to accompany every trip…they’re just that fun. Despite the silliness and pure pleasure of watching so much fun, I like to make sure we’re … Continued