New Resource for Travelling to Camp!

Illahee families have a helpful new resource for planning their trip to camp.  Laurie Strayhorn met recently with local Brevard Chamber representatives and a few area camp directors to give input for a new section to the  Visit Waterfalls  website.  The result is the Camp Family page designed especially for campers and parents.  It is … Continued

We Love Brevard!

Hiking and more in the Brevard area!

If you are coming to Illahee this summer for the Alumnae Reunion or to bring your daughter to camp, we encourage you to plan some time to enjoy the Brevard area.  Not only is this a super area for camp, but it’s a great spot to enjoy your own vacation!  Here are some activities and … Continued

How to Fit a Session into a Week!

One of my favorite things to do during camp is to take pictures to post on our website. First, it gets me out of the office, where I have a fairly consistent list of things I could attend to. I guess I’ll eventually check most of it off. During camp, office work feels kind of … Continued

Roughin it for Five Hours!

I am exhausted, but feeling good about the day…looking forward to meeting my pillow, but amazed that this day was such a positive one despite our outside challenges. It’s hard to know even where to begin. Maybe not. It began in praise and thanksgiving. Tuesday morning early is our Bible study with our counselors. This … Continued

Sliding Rock, Cabin Adventure, and “Stoopin’ It”!

Gordon is out at Sliding Rock with the Heigh Ho hill  and CIT’s so I told him I’d start the blog since it will be a late evening at Dolly’s enjoying ice cream and then driving the bus back to camp.  As I settle in to wind down at the computer, Pineview is “winding up”in … Continued

Sliding Rock, Bingo and Swim Party!

Gordon is off at Sliding Rock with the Hillbrook and Mini 1 session campers.  It seemed like a good night to help him out with the blog since it’s nearly 10:00 and they are almost back to camp.  With the warm weather, Sliding Rock is a welcome relief and it was fun to watch the … Continued

Adventures on the Hill Night!

The benefit of a late post tonight for you night owls is a set of pictures from a new angle at Sliding Rock. Hopefully, they’ll all be loaded by the time I publish tonight’s update. There are some fun ones of faces as girls hit the water at the bottom. The downside to getting those … Continued

Back to the Rock and Pineview Goes to Kuykendall!

Camp is such a great opportunity to just be a kid, and nothing brings out the kid in you like Sliding Rock and Dollys. It is Big Booming Fun! The Rock has been part of the fabric of this “Land of Waterfalls” since it was settled, and generations upon generations have enjoyed its chilly waters … Continued

Sliding Rock on the 4th of July Weekend?!

I’ll have to admit, I thought we were crazy when I saw the “Program Notes” this week and saw that Sliding Rock was scheduled for tonight. After all, it’s Saturday night of a long holiday weekend. The weather has been absolutely perfect, gas prices are lower, and it’s hot everywhere except the mountains. That’s a … Continued

The Pleasures of Ice-Cream and Sliding Rock!

Some of you may not know about the Sliding Rock Challenge. A trip to this natural rock slide in the Davidson River is part of every Illahee girl’s session. I like to accompany every trip…they’re just that fun. Despite the silliness and pure pleasure of watching so much fun, I like to make sure we’re … Continued