What a Difference a Day Makes!

One of the things that I love about Junior Camp is reaching that point in the session where it is obvious to me that camp is feeling comfortable to the girls. They walk with a little more purpose, and a lot more confidence…they have found their way around, and everything doesn’t seem so big and … Continued

Capture the Flag!

We started the day by wishing our Trips girls adieu as the embarked on their three-day adventures as a finale to their skill-building sessions in climbing, kayaking and hiking. The climbers are at the Obed over in westernmost Tennessee at a storied slab of rock that attracts the best from all over the southeast. We … Continued

The Summer 2012 has begun!

Yesterday we celebrated  Memorial Day with the arrival of  the 2012 camp staff !  After nine months of planning, the start of orientation is a welcome beginning to summer.  I have to admit, that I always get butterflies with camp’s opening and the flurry of last minute preparations and projects,  but after our first evening … Continued

A Blue Ribbon Camp Day!

The temperature was a lot cooler today, and we were back to the lower humidity that mountain weather usually brings. There was a collective sigh of relief from the (gasp!) two days of heat and high humidity that we’ve had. Sorry, flatlanders…I know it’s still hot there. We are settling into camp again with our … Continued

The Encampment Begins!

There are several theories of child development that really interest me. One is that of “acceptable risk.” The idea is that a child’s healthy development through young adulthood relies to some extent on navigating the waters of risk and consequence. Teenagers are risk seekers, and many that they choose (as you know) can be unhealthy. … Continued

Activities Abound!

Our kayakers didn’t need to leave camp today! They could have launched their boats at the top of the steps across from the office about 2:30 and ridden the deluge all the way down the driveway! We got an inch of rain in about half an hour! Luckily, by a little after rest hour (we … Continued