Rainbow Tag! and Resiliency…

Our mail has been coming late the last couple of days, and amidst the chaos of a spirited game of Rainbow Tag, Claire and I sorted a full tub of your letters into the mailboxes by the dining hall. As I was sorting (which I have to concentrate really hard to do), I felt my … Continued

Cabin Palooza!

Hello Illahee Family! My name is Coleman Evans and this summer marks my 14th summer at Illahee. I have spent more summers in the Heavenly World than I have not. As a camper, I attended nearly every camp session. My love for camp began in 2003 at the Junior Session. Then, I spent many consecutive … Continued

County Fair!

Greetings camp family! Gordon, Gardner or I write a nightly blog post during the summer that we post on My Illahee. You can share your user name and password if grandparents or other family members are interested and you would like for them to have access. It has been a great first day of activities- … Continued

Getting Over the Hump!

Rightfully named “hump day”, this point in the session usually begins the downhill stretch for a lot of of our girls experiencing the “homesick hump”. Campers have had two full days under their belts and are starting to figure out their activities, their cabin mates, the camp lingo, and they are gaining a little more … Continued

Welcome to Illahee! (The Mountains Echo Welcome to Thee)

I’m sitting down to write in the sitting room that is part of Laurie’s and my master bedroom at the far end of our home called Pinecrest, central to and on the edge of Pineview, our oldest girl’s hill. We have always been in the “thick of it,” and are always at every meal, evening … Continued

Sundays are Heavenly!

I think the slower pace and change of schedule are two of the things that most Illahee campers and counselors look most forward to on Sunday. The day usually starts with a sleep-in, always popular on Pineview with the older girls, and maybe a little less so with Hillbrook, and in turn, their counselors. “Herding … Continued

Happy Fourth of July!

One of the best days of the summer- the fourth of July! It’s nearly 11 pm and I just got back from the farm and camp is quiet after a great day! It started early this morning with Rollins leading her staff on a horseback parade through camp singing songs and surprising girls before the … Continued

Resiliency is Key!

I’m listening to two of my favorite camp sounds as I sit down at the end of a great camp day…the pitter patter of the tail end of a much-needed rain passing through, and the sound of screen doors slamming with the happy sounds of Pineview girls getting ready for bed. There is laughter, banter … Continued