“Doughnuts with Ditter”

Our friend Bob Ditter , a child and family therapist from Boston and frequent speaker and contributor to the American Camping Association   has been visiting camp this week.  I first met Bob in 1986 when I was teaching at a girls’ boarding school in New Jersey.   Since then we have stayed connected through professional circles and … Continued

Finding the Spark

Gretchen and Gardner enjoy a conference day!

Tuesday began a little earlier than usual for Gretchen and Gardner who were up at the crack of dawn to travel over Caesar’s head and down the mountain to Greenville where they joined a few hundred camp comrades for the American Camp Association Southeastern Conference. Back home, Lindsey, Dave, and Laurie manned the office and … Continued

Thunderstorms and Excitement for the Summer!

An unexpected thunderstorm yesterday reminded me of our summer rest hour showers.   It’s unusual to have a “frog strangler” in February.  Only now, the rain keeps us inside in the office huddled around our space heaters, instead of outside splashing through the puddles with the campers. Earlier this month Gretchen, Dave, and Lindsey loaded up … Continued