Crowds of Happy Campers!

Raleigh camper show

Laurie and Gretchen visited campers, counselors and even a few alumnae in 6 cities in the last  week!  Laurie enjoyed five flights on her tour (and four airlines) starting in Dallas on Sunday and then travelling to Houston, Tampa, and Mobile returning to camp on Saturday.  Gretchen elected to drive the “bus-burban” across state making stops … Continued

Junior Camp Celebrates 10th Season!

Junior campers gear up for the zipline

This season we’ll be celebrating Illahee’s 95th anniversary and the 10th year of the Junior Session!  Since 2005, the last week of the camp season has brought some of the most excited campers to Illahee!  These campers have been counting down the days to the session and for many, it is their first week away … Continued

Illahee Olympics and a Summer Drizzle!

It’s been a long time since I can remember a summer rain like the one today. Usually in the mountains, rains come with thunder, and in dramatic fashion. They leave as quickly as they came, and we clean up the leaves and sticks, and washed gravel left in the wake. Today was just one of … Continued


It’s going to be the BEST staff ever for the best summer ever. Veteran Nurse and camp “mom” Denise  was chatting with Gordon and Laurie this evening and said, “you all got all of the best ones back”! Indeed. It’s a “who’s who” of camp favorites and one is going to be YOUR counselor this … Continued

A Big Year for the Illahee Campus!

Laurie had a “Skype” appointment with one of our campers from Massachusetts this weekend. She was interviewing Laurie about camp, and had a laundry list of great questions for her research paper. One of them was “what makes Illahee unique”? I know Laurie did a great job in her answer, but it made me think. … Continued