Opening Ceremonies!

There is something magical about the Olympics, and I’m pretty excited that they are in London. I’m also pretty excited that someone invented TiVo because camp is more exciting, and I’m going to have to steal glimpses of the action late at night or early in the morning as I can. As I write, there … Continued

These Girls are Amazing!

We had a funny moment in the dining hall tonight. Meals are usually a pretty tight (but comfortable) ship. We eat family-style with a counselor or director (or both) at their table. Plates are served from one of our ancient yellow carts, one at a time. Propriety rules…otherwise chaos would. It’s like family dinners on … Continued

A Week of Trips Begins…the Drizzle Ends!

When I got up this morning, I’ll have to admit that my first reaction was…still?! It was gray and drizzling. Even with a day and a half  of the wet stuff, we didn’t pass a 1/4 inch total rainfall. Now that it’s out of here, I can be thankful for the nice watering that the … Continued