Camp Illahee’s December Snow

Ezra Greene Enjoyed an early December Snow which was perfect for building a snowman.
Ezra takes a second to pose during construction of a snowman at camp.

We were all surprised last weekend to get an early winter storm that dumped almost 6 inches of the soft fluffy stuff at Camp Illahee. It came at the perfect time, really as our kids were in exams all this past week, and the snow didn’t really disrupt the school schedule for them that much. Public schools were out almost all week because of icy roads that followed. You can’t imagine anything prettier than camp in the snow, so I put on my coat and boots, grabbed the dogs and headed out to see what I could find.

It wasn’t long before I discovered Gretchen and Ezra down on the canoe lake dam, building a snowman, and taking a break every now and again to sled down the hill toward the pastures. Laurie was down feeding Stormy who had come home recently to get some TLC…he was losing a little weight. Stormy perked right up when he got off the trailer and has been doing great ever since. I guess we all feel that way when we land in the Heavenly World, don’t we? There is a lot going on at camp, but that’s a subject for another blog post.Merry Christmas!

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