Three Day (Trips) Away! Final Week Off and Running!

Four summer campers in train go down sliding rock.
Sliding Rock is more fun with great camp friends!

I’ve been checking the Doppler (as Laurie likes to call the radar) more often than usual today. I’m happy to report that the entire Southeast is calm and clear as a bell. That’s especially comforting in the wake of some pretty crazy fronts blowing through the past couple of days…since we have three trips out today through Wednesday. Our trips climbers are up in Linville Gorge, one of the prettiest places in western North Carolina; the paddlers are headed to the Chatooga and the  Nantahala rivers, and our hikers are up in the Middle Prong Wilderness. They were all very excited and well-supplied. Part of the adventure is planning, and especially food! It’s not beanie weenies…they are well stocked.

The camper-counselor tennis tournament is in full-swing, and we are down to some pretty serious contenders. I’m putting my money on the Dave-Coco dynamo. There was a flurry of activity all day long as campers worked to finish up session-long projects. There will be final shows in drama, dance, and gymnastics, and the horse fair will showcase vaulting and horsemanship talents. For those of you uninitiated in the equine world, vaulting is gymnastics on horseback (I know…who thought of that right?) I don’t get it, but it is fun to watch.

This session is flying by. It is such a great group of girls and staff, and a session that feels quick is indicative of a really great session. We still have a lot of fun to be had in these last few days. They are designed to bring the camp experience to a great finale with lots of time to reflect on new friends and accomplishments. Sing Around the Lake, Canoe Formation, Final Banquet and Campfire, cabin plaques, banners, and final shows are all events that we all look forward to.

I took 100 or so of my favorite Heigh Ho girls to Sliding Rock and Dollys tonight…thus the late post. Hillbrook had a reptile guru come and show off his own little friends, and Pineview had Minute to Win It challenges in the Rec Lodge, followed by a quick dip in the lake that served a dual purpose of cleaning off some of the “stunt residue.” 🙂 (It is camp after all).