Wow…this is kind of nice!

Girls at summer camp pose with Camp Illahee quilt.
A group Camp Illahee quilt from Arts and Crafts!

The monsoons came today, and I’m about to call “uncle.” It’s not that it’s even interfering with activities that much, but the short spells that they are coming, it is POURING! Our poor maintenance crew fixed one of our lingering problem spots 3 times today. The steps across from the office leads up to weaving and arts and crafts and the gravel path network that takes you to archery and riflery. Any time we get a heavy rain, the water jumps the break, grabs some gravel and turns the steps into a waterfall. Transylvania County is the Land of Waterfalls after all. It’s just our turn I guess because most of these micro-storms are forming right over us and then circling a few times…then heading out. They’re not your typical line of fronts coming through.

The good news is that things look clear the next couple of days so we’ll dry out. It was a beautiful morning for our Mini 1 closing, and it’s always so great to see many first time families reunite with their girls after a successful camp session. After a while, I think you just expect it to be good. Actually, that is our hope…but for many of these families, the sense of relief and joy at greeting their girls and confirming that it was everything they expected it to be and more…is one of the tings I look most forward to…the making of a new convert to the Illahee family! Girls who were tentative only two weeks ago were marching around camp showing off their favorite spots like they own the place…which they do. We ┬ásee ourselves as stewards in a long line of those who came before us and those who will follow. In fact, we call our camp season our “mission trip.” Similar to other mission work our family has done overseas, we disappear from our friends and family for our eleven week season, love the opportunity to minister to staff and campers, and learn as much about ourselves as we teach others. What a blessing and a privilege!

The dining hall was a different place for lunch and dinner! With 75 fewer girls, it was almost intimate in there. (almost:-) The food was great as usual…waffles and bacon for breakfast, homemade pizza with the favorites…pepperoni and cheese, but also spinach, hot wing and veggie versions for the more adventurous. Dinner would have made grandmomma proud…Thanksgiving! Turkey and dressing, hot yeast rolls, mashed potatoes, squash casserole. Yummy. Rich chocolate cake for dessert.

Tomorrow, we have a regular day of activities and a special afternoon/evening treat for the smaller group. There is going to be a sleep-in and then breakfast in bed. Woo Hoo!


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  1. Thank you for keeping the tradition of a wonderful and fulfilling camp to add to the best times in the lives of our children ( and grandchildren) My Olivia has LOVED camp – wants to return – so her mom, my daughter Elisabeth – relays to me.
    It does my heart good to print out the songbook and see there the wonderful songs which my Wyn and Elisabeth loved – We would sing the songs all the way home from camp- and it’s a good drive from Brevard. I guess one of our favorites has been – “Tell Me Why”
    Bless you and all you do –
    Peace and Blessings and sleep well –

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