Back to the Rock and Pineview Goes to Kuykendall!

Three camp girls sliding down sliding rock.
Sliding Rock is about as much fun as a girl can have!

Camp is such a great opportunity to just be a kid, and nothing brings out the kid in you like Sliding Rock and Dollys. It is Big Booming Fun! The Rock has been part of the fabric of this “Land of Waterfalls” since it was settled, and generations upon generations have enjoyed its chilly waters and slippery plunge to the pools below. There are lots of great natural swimming holes in these mountains, but this is always one of my favorites to take girls. It’s just that much fun.

I have to brag on our staff a little bit. You’d think that at this point in the summer (we’ve been together nine weeks), that they would be getting a little bit tired. After all, being on staff at camp is a full-time job. We all eat, sleep and breathe camp as a community and we love it…but there is precious little personal time. One of the reasons I insist on driving one of the buses is similar to the reason I keep taking pictures. I learn a lot about how the wheels are turning in camp by listening to the chatter. Though the “noise” on the bus includes a lot of singing at the top of various vocal ranges, my failing ears still occasionally pick up specifics and certainly tone. I can tell by the way counselors call roll at the beginning of a trip what their state of mind is…how they interact with the girls, how tired they are. It’s the same with roaming camp to take pictures. Too many leaders are lost to the back office…it keeps me moving through this great community. Anyway, tonight I could tell that our counselors are just hitting their stride. They are loving camp and are such great mentors to your girls. It’s fun to hear them use things they’ve learned over the summer in counseling these great girls. Camp allows counselors to be kids too. Watching them go down sliding rock and fret over their flavor choice at Dollys was  somewhat reminiscent of their young charges 🙂 .

There is such significant pressure (a lot of it imposed by well-meaning parents) on our girls. Those with a tendency toward motivation anyway really wind themselves tight. And camp is an antidote to the pressures of school and achievement that are part and parcel to most of our kid’s lives. One of my favorite things to watch is when girls get really silly and start to giggle…that belly-aching down deep laugh that indicates a complete release from any worry. I get to hear that a lot at camp. Despite the lack of traditional classrooms, there is a lot of growth going on as girls negotiate living in community with each other. Too, the challenges that come when learning or improving upon a sport…whether tennis or riding, basketball or lacrosse, give the sort of skills that will serve well as girls grow to adults…persistence, perseverance, patience. With the help of counselors…setting personal goals…and then working toward them gives a satisfaction hard to replicate at home. Achievement seems real, and personal pride and esteem grows.

Today was a big “H” day…a high pressure system kept the Carolina skies Carolina blue and gorgeous. It was warm, but not too hot at the peak of the day’s sun, and downright pleasant in the plenty of shady spots around camp. Splash continues to be popular as are the canoe lake and kayaking. Oatmeal and cinnamon rolls greeted us for breakfast with a great cheese and egg casserole, cereal and yogurt. Terry made homemade pizzas for lunch with the standards…pepperoni and cheese, but also some pretty exotic ones on the Encore Table…hot wings, veggie, spinach…yummm. Dinner was a Chinese  delight…broccoli, Gen. Tsao Chicken with a sweet orange sauce, rice, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Our Pineview girls took over Kuykendall and are safely ensconced there enjoying a campout with friends after hamburgers and hotdogs cooked over charcoal. Our Hillbrook girls watched Hercules on the big screen in McLeod, a perfect evening program after last night’s campout…pajama clad, enjoying popcorn with friends…

It’s late and I need to get up early to head over to pick up our Pineview girls…looks like another great day weather-wise tomorrow. Camp’s a blast! More fun tomorrow

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