Hannah Ford Barns are Almost Complete!

Freshly painted barn at Hannah Ford.
Freshly painted barn at Hannah Ford Farm.

Wow! We’ve come a long way. I’m kicking myself for not taking a straight-on “before” picture of the old barns at the farm, but check this out to the left. A week of warm weather allowed the boys to finish the red paint on the outside of the big barn. Neighbors have been stopping by all week to tell us how good everything looks! All that’s left are some big sliding doors to paint. We also need to build some garage doors for the block/rock building in the forefront. Oh yeah…and some windows. We better get busy! Check out the pictures from before too…

HAnnah Ford farmw tih mountains in the distance.
The rooftops of the barns are visible to the north with mountains in the background.
The barn at Hannah Ford Farm is waiting for an upgrade.
Though the landscape has been shaped, the barn still waits for an upgrade this past fall.
The barn at Hannah Ford farm is visible behind the fence.
Hannah Ford Farm looks completely different and awaits campers enjoy it.