The Hunger Games and Our own “Sundae Games”

Camp Illahee is set in the quiet town of Brevard, NC and those of you who have been to camp here know how fun it is to walk down Main Street and visit our shops and enjoy grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream sundaes at Rocky’s old fashioned soda counter.  There is a definite buzz in town  in anticipation of  today’s premier of  The Hunger Games, much of it filmed ten minutes from camp in DuPont State Forest.  I read the book after camp last summer upon the recommendation of many counselors and Pineview campers.  It was kind of like Twilight– something I might not have read “on my own”, but in an effort to “stay current” I picked it up.  It was a fun book on my post camp vacation and I can’t wait to see the movie this weekend.    I  actually went to Brevard’s Coed theater on Tuesday afternoon to buy Gordon’s and my tickets for the Saturday, 7pm show.  (This is the first week that the Co-Ed is even featuring a digital film as they just finished a big upgrade with their projector system. )

The  Hunger Games Fan Tours will be taking area visitors on tours of the filming locations.  Illahee girls have long enjoyed visiting many of the waterfalls and sites featured in the film.  Now with all this hype, we  recognize that The Hunger Games isn’t an Illahee “G” movie and it may be a little “dark” for some audiences.   Therefore, we made our own version that is suitable for all audiences.  Illahee’s version is The “Sundae Games” and it opens right here!  Sit back and enjoy our own Tribute KatKriss and her efforts to restore Gutter Sundaes to District Illahee!

Camp Illahee counselors enjoy hikes to Dupont State Forest
Illahee staff gather for a group photo at the base of Triple Falls
Dupont State Forest is part of Camp Illahee's playground
Campers enjoy a swim below Dupont’s Hooker Falls
Transylvania County waterfalls are a hit with Illahee campers
Campers enjoy a behind-the-scenes view


Illahee campers enjoy taking trips to outstanding waterfalls in the county
Illahee campers enjoy the view at Dupont’s Triple Falls

2 responses to “The Hunger Games and Our own “Sundae Games”

  1. Hi illahee. I plan on seeing the movie The Hunger Games very soon. I just finished watching The Sundae Games. It was very funny. I can’t wait to see what other videos you put up!

  2. Hi! I just finished seeing the Hunger Games movie and yours was much less violent. I thought yours was hilarious. Can’t wait to try the sundae games!

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