I Love Camp and I Love Lucy!

Caroline Warren caught on camera.
Caroline will finish her internship and teach full time after camp. She also serves as summer swimming head and Heigh Ho advisor.

Caroline was born in the wrong decade. A long time Illahee girl and recent Vanderbilt grad, Caroline began as our “intern” last fall and will complete that stint at the end of camp. She’s quirky in a good way…the kind of way that makes her a very interesting adult. Some of her expressions are Ozzie and Harriet-ish…goodness me! Sakes alive. Oh my! She has a retro turntable and likes the sound of vinyl, is an aspiring banjo player, loves baseball, and all things Southern. She introduced us to Garden and Gun magazine and has been a subscriber almost since the beginning. She is also of strong faith and helped put together a resource book for counselors to lead cabin devotionals and the curriculum for our new Fellowship and Faith activity for older girls…a huge success. So, it wasn’t a surprise that Caroline wanted to debut the new movie screen in the Rec Lodge with back to back episodes of I Love Lucy for evening program tonight. Billed as a sock hop, I (and lots of others) donned our fifties best ready for the viewing. It’s amazing how those episodes are timeless. We were all laughing til we cried at Lucy trying to be Ricky’s “pitch girl” for Vitameatavegemin. As she drank more and more (not knowing that it was laced with alcohol), she got woosier and woosier. I’m sure many of you have seen it…a classic.

Gretchen was off today, and I got around camp on my photojournalism odyssey. Speaking of Faith and Fellowship, they held it in canoes this morning, talking about trust and Jesus calming the seas. I thought that was pretty darn creative. Saturdays are as busy as weekdays at camp with a full complement of trips out…our climbers went to Looking Glass on what was one of the most beautiful days of summer so far.

Two Camp Illahee girls check their targets in riflery activity.
Target sports are VERY popular at Camp Illahee.

Our paddlers were on the mighty Tuckasiegee. Both crews leave Monday bright and early on their three-day trips. The paddlers will hit three rivers in three days, and the climbers will set up camp near the Obed in east Tennessee. Our trips staff have been terrific this summer. We also hit a home run with the return of  Gallagher and new hire Alice . “Gallagher,” as she is called at camp just finished her law degree and will take the bar at the end of the summer. She may be the only new lawyer to be running a ropes course for the summer, but we’re glad to have her. Every cabin has completed the Beanstalk and many of them are tubing on the French Broad. The CIT’s went this morning, ending at the farm, and Cabin 6 went this afternoon with Alice and Gallagher. I had a ball watching girls on the Tarzan rope during swimming classes and Choice Period. The camper counselor tennis tourney is still under way and in a surprise move, our tennis pro, Dave and his partner were eliminated today. He was a bit taken aback I think.

Gardner, our daughter who is on staff, has been drafted the last couple of days to help me and Gretchen out with pictures. She has a good eye and took many of the afternoon activity shots you are enjoying. I do know the time investment in looking through so many pictures, but I still think having too many is better than none at all. There are a lot tonight. I want to remind folks that it is not too late to enable the high resolution photo option. Helen can add that to your camper’s Ship Store account if you are interested in downloading some great shots of her for printing.

A screen shot depicting how tagging feature works.
When you tag your camper, you can click on her name in any tagged photo and see ALL of the pictures she has been tagged in.

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Tomorrow is Sunday and NO portraits or shoutouts to take. I get to sleep in (not that I will), but I will hang out in my PJs til the last possible moment. We have a choice period after breakfast…oh yeah. Krispy Kreme is coming! It’s going to be another beautiful day tomorrow. Pineview has worship and we’ll be in the Woodland Chapel. I may try to post a short video of some singing. It’s always really beautiful. I love Sunday…God’s day…and then the Swim Show. A big time!



5 responses to “I Love Camp and I Love Lucy!

  1. As much as I love all of my saved G&G magazines,I love reading your nightly blog best!Thank you for documenting each day’s activities. I really appreciate the time you take at the end of a long day to keep us up on the fun being had at Camp Illahee.
    Happy Father’s Day!

  2. Thanks for the great nightly updates. I know the girls loved discovering (or rediscovering) “I Love Lucy”. GREAT choice!

  3. Oh my goodness, the “I Love Lucy” reruns began a few months ago on the Hallmark Channel, which is my favorite family friendly channel – always happy endings. Sometimes there is even a “Lucy” marathon. I do “Love Lucy” too, and my daughter endures it with me.

    You guys are the greatest!


  4. Thank you once again for taking pictures of the girls holding “Happy Father’s Day” signs. My husbands day was complete to see his little girl looking so happy holding her sign and wishing her Dad a “Happy Father’s Day”!

  5. My oh my! I LOVE LUCY!!!??? That’s it. I’m coming to camp. That, on top of Father’s Day wishes makes it a beautiful day!

    Thanks to the awesome Illahee staff for looking after all these adorable girls!

    Illahee love,

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