Farm Gardening!

It looks like we have finally turned the corner to spring on a beautiful Saturday in the mountains! Last week, we had sleet and a winter weather advisory…in April! We all have spring fever and can’t wait for camp to start. Tom and Tim have been out working on a new raised bed garden at the farm. Last year, our garden was a last minute affair, and poorly positioned on the slope between the pond and the building below it that you see in the background.

Any rains would wash through it, and leave a mess to clean up. The solution? Four 8×16′ raised beds with some of the richest, blackest dirt you can imagine. We will line the paths with brown river gravel, and put a picket fence around the entire garden to keep the munching deer from eating our salads! All you green thumbed girls out there…sign up for the farm activity!

Four raised beds under construction at Camp Illahee's farm.
The four beds are ready to go. There is clean gravel at the bottom for drainage, and rich garden soil on top.
A wild turkey gobbler with full fan extended.
This gobbler has been strutting his stuff! The ladies seem impressed as we counted 22 wild turkeys last week.
Two of four raised garden beds take shape at Camp Illahee's farm.
The start of construction. Some leveling had to be done with the tractor before starting the beds.