A Snowy Scene at Camp!

Greetings from the Heavenly World!  And we are blanketed in a heavenly snow!  Our local weatherman had predicted snow to the south of our mountains so when we looked out of the Curtis office yesterday around 10:00 we were pleasantly surprised to see the flakes coming down.  It snowed steadily until dark leaving about a two inch blanket.  We imagine 90% of the Illahee family is enjoying a real winter day with either snow or ice!

While we are enjoying hot chocolate and chicken noodle soup in our office, we are daydreaming about the upcoming summer.  All sessions are full with waiting lists and this summer’s campers are coming from 30 states and seven foreign countries.  80% are returning campers and this summer 125 Fifth year campers will be getting their Pinetree Pins at opening campfires of their sessions.  It’s not unusual for Illahee girls to return six to eight summers to enjoy their camp friendships and activities.  As you enjoy a blustery winter day, think about the upcoming summer at Illahee!  It’s sure to be the Best Summer Ever!