Mighty Mac Gets Sprung!

Mac getting his first ride in the car. Time to go home!

What a homecoming! On Monday, Illahee director Kris Bush Campbell and husband Jeremy, aka “Soup” Campbell, arrived home with their son Mac!  Illahee counselors had prepared Welcome Home posters at the end of the camp season to be delivered on his arrival date!  “It feels great to be home and things are going so smoothly!”  Mac was born on January 25th – an early arrival- and he’s been hanging out and growing strong in the Mission Hospital NICU since.  An early surgery required recovery along with time to build up lung power- but finally his release date came on Monday!  The Mission nurses and staff became family to Kris and Soup giving Mac great care and giving the new parents lots of reassuring support.  This past season was Kris’s 23rd at Illahee and 12th as a director.  Soup directed the ropes courses and lead kayaking trips.  It was his fifth season as trips program director. Kris will be working part time this fall to enjoy some home time with Mac and plans to be full steam ahead after getting the family settled!  Lots of Illahee hugs go out to the Campbell trio!


2 responses to “Mighty Mac Gets Sprung!

  1. As I sent to Kris: one word: AWESOME So happy for Kris and Soup -best wishes for a successful transition

  2. Soooo happy for Kris, Soup and Mighty Mac!!!! WONDERFUL news!!!! Lots of love, hugs, congrats and prayers being sent their way!!! Please let them know how much love and support they have from all of the Illahee crew!! Absolutely thrilled for them!

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