Illahee Family Dresses Up

Campers dress up everyday at camp

What is it about the magic of Halloween?  I’ve never been much for ghosts and goblins, but I loved waiting in line to vote today next to a five year old fireman.  Gretchen’s son, Ezra has been wearing his Star Wars ARFtrooper costume since his birthday earlier this month, and last Sunday we hiked up John’s Rock in Pisgah behind two 8 year old princesses wearing their glittery silver slippers on the trail!

While most people save costumes for Halloween, Illahee girls play dress up all summer long.  It’s just plain fun and is one of the best parts of camp.  Older campers don’t look quite as “cool” and younger campers can feel more at home when in a costume.  Last summer, I spent an evening as Madonna and found Bingo to be a lot more fun when dressed as a tacky tourist.  And a dance party is better when you can wear a balloon hat or go dressed as a “nerd.”

From County Fair to Airband to Commercial Night, to  the Olympics and to Capture the Flag, being dressed up is a big part of camp programs  And the costumes don’t need to be “fancy!” It’s amazing to see what campers find in the costume closet or by using their own imaginations and poster board!  So while I’m out on the Halloween trail tonight, I’ll be looking for ideas for next summer’s skits when Illahee girls return to the heavenly world!