The 95th – Successful from Start to Finish!

Camp Illahee’s 95th season closed a month ago, and it’s a crisp 45 degrees this morning with Carolina Blue skies.  The summer opened with an alumnae reunion weekend.  150 Illahee women joined us from all over the country representing four generations of campers and counselors. We’ve posted some photos from the reunion.

During camp we enjoyed girls from all over the country coming together to build the Illahee Community. Camp songs, the Tarzan rope and Streak are all summer highlights.  The GaGa pit is a new popular spot for campers and is going to establish a new game tradition.  GaGa Ball is a cross between 4-square and dodge ball and the pit was a gathering spot for campers.  Be sure to check out recent blogs that shared video clips from the summer.  If a picture is worth a thousand words, camp video is worth……well you get the idea.  A new drone, affectionately named “Hannah” (after Illahee’s outpost- the Hannah Ford Farm) was its own character in camp events.  Hannah’s spectacular footage was worth the buzz that it made hovering overhead.

Meanwhile, in camp we have been enrolling the returning campers as they have had through September 15th to sign up for their same session.  Siblings and girls who have skipped a season or are changing sessions will be enrolled followed by new applications as space allows.  We hope to accommodate as many girls possible but are expecting waiting lists for the two, three and four week sessions.

We love our camp families and appreciate their patience with the application process and the encouragement they send after camp.

I believe my daughters’ lives can now be measured by “pre-Illahee vs post-Illahee” standards. Both of them were so positively influenced and inspired during their first summer at camp that we are convinced that we received better daughters than the ones we left on opening day.

Illahee is hands down the greatest gift we could give our daughter. She absolutely loves every moment at camp and comes home with such confidence and peacefulness. I would recommend this experience to anyone looking for a loving, carefree, Christian adventure of a lifetime for their daughter.

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  1. The 95th summer at Illahee was one to remember! I’m so thankful for the growth I’ve experienced there. Sending much love to you all in Brevard!

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