The Results Are In!

Camp is really good for kids!

Camp Illahee families participated in a Youth Outcomes Study conducted by Clemson University and sponsored by the NCYCA.  Illahee was one of nineteen private independent camps included and had the highest participation rate!  55% of our camp families took part in last summer’s survey. (The overall parent response was 24%). Thank you Illahee parents!  Your input shows how much you value the camp.

While 75% of responding parents had themselves attended overnight camp, parents chose Illahee based on its reputation.  When asked about growth that they observed after camp, they reported increases in developmental outcomes like resilience, cooperation, communication, critical thinking and decision making.  These skills are valued by educators and employers as “21st Century Skills”  and they have been identified as necessary in educational and future workforce settings.

91% of the parents said that attending overnight camp helps their child succeed in the school environment.   Five specific areas were identified as contributing to success in school.  The Illahee experience offers these opportunities.

Illahee helps girls navigate important life transitions.  Meeting new friends and working together at camp has proven helpful in school transitions.  The responsibility of getting to different camp activities helps with the school routine and many girls are willing to try new things after experiencing new activities at camp.

Camp Illahee reinforces life lessons learned at home. Illahee girls look up to their counselors who are role models and can relate to them.  Our counselors set a strong positive example in a Christian community and help reinforce responsibilities for chores and participating in camp life, just as a parent or teacher does at home and in school. The camp counselor has the “cool factor” that helps campers “buy in” to her message.

Illahee helps to prepare girls for independent living. On a daily basis girls choose what to eat, wear, and activities to participate in.  At times, they deal with consequences of their decisions so that they can learn and “plan better” next time.  Being able to realize that disappointment isn’t the end of the world helps prepare children for adulthood.  Many college counselors say that they recognize “camp kids” their freshmen year as they adapt more smoothly  to dorm life and the college academic routine.  And we have heard the same feedback from our former campers now in college.

Illahee helps to build self-confidence. Camp provides the opportunity to connect socially with others and to go into an unfamiliar situation without knowing many (or any) people.  Being exposed to others and to new situations helps to build confidence.

Illahee provides opportunities for hands on learning. Being able to explore creative activities such as dance and art and nature offers many opportunities for learning.  Having unstructured time during rest hour and between activities gives girls time to enjoy reading and playing.  Illahee offers a balance of structured activities with some much needed “down time.”

Watching girls grow and knowing that Illahee is part of their development is exciting.  Camp Is About Having FUN!  Learning how to have fun in a wholesome and healthy way is one of the most beneficial parts of camp that girls can take with them throughout life! And that is why each summer at Illahee is the BEST SUMMER EVER!