Ode to Rain

Campers enjoy a rain shower

During the summer an afternoon shower is often part of the daily routine. For many campers, it is a coveted time- it might mean a chance to finish a good page-turner, write a letter to family, or conquer the six-string lanyard that’s been days in process. It is a time to slow down and wait. Amidst the excitement of camp, the afternoon showers can bring worlds of peace. My favorite is when the clouds line up just right and a “frog strangler” hits at the brink of rest hour. Listening to the splashing on her cabin’s tin roof is an Illahee girl’s symphony. At camp, rain brings spontaneity. My favorite memory of this past summer was dancing in the rain alongside a group of campers and counselors- lead by assistant director, Gretchen.  We ended with a rainy dip in the lake and a swing off the Tarzan, complete with a rainbow- nature’s expression of our joy in the storm.

So why all this weather talk?! Well, you may know that we haven’t seen rain in months throughout much of the southeast. This has been detrimental especially with forest fires burning near us. Fortunately, camp has remained untouched apart from the smell of smoke and the usual crisp air being hazy. However, this morning we awoke to a miraculous sight: RAIN! Inches of it! Hallelujah! It rained through the night and I awoke with an “Ode to Rain!” So ‘tis the season of thanks for rain.

Speaking of thankful, the past week has been a busy one around the Heavenly office. Lindsey and Dave enjoyed a week cruising and vacationing with family in out of the country, while the Strayhorn/Greene crew gathered camp-side with cousins. Turner, aka the prodigal son (this is Gardner so I can write that), opted to go out west for the week and was missed, but we all ate a little extra turkey and pie in his honor.

The Illahee road crew has been spoiled by awesome hosts this season.  Our camp shows have been so fun and we have loved catching up with our families, new and old! We are headed for some exciting cities in the next few weeks so stay tuned and we hope you can join us. Lindsey is on the road today and Laurie heads out tomorrow!

Illahee family we are thankful for you.

Love, Gardner