Pieces of Summer…

Didn’t camp just end?! I still imagine the bell signaling activity change. This morning I found myself humming a favorite camp tune. The line is, “Leaves will fall and trees will bend…” Looking less and less like summer.  This past weekend was spent at the beach, and although a short trip, we returned to crisp temps and orange leaves sprinkled through the green pines. These October days are characterized by change- one morning you wake up and the leaves are completely gone. I am always stunned by our Creator’s artistry during this season. A master at work. It is one of the most beautiful times of year, and the fastest.

I began thinking about the pieces of summer that continue to linger on for me (Not including the five stubborn pounds that came with eating two desserts a day…worth it) but rather the memories and interactions that stick with me.  My time with Brooks, my son, at the first County Fair, emerging from the Bounce House red faced and grinning,  Taylor Swift blaring in the background;  the morning at the Woodland Chapel when we were reminded of the truth that we are created in His Image; the squeals from the Tarzan, and the conquered fears at the Zipline; chef Michael’s desserts and the time Dolly’s delivered ice cream for the entire camp. It was Loopy Laurie’s campfire monologues; Air Band, and a group of counselors taking “Kick the Bucket” to a whole new level. It’s the final push of the Wishboat, and lingering a little longer at Dahivi Noche….

Whether the pieces are lyrics from your favorite camp song, or a  friendship bracelet you find at the bottom of your sock drawer, camp has a way of “lingering on” and showing up in unexpected times. Sometimes it takes being home, the passing of time, to realize the ways camp has impacted you. We hope that you look back on your camp memories fondly and look forward to new ones to come- we sure do!

As for what’s to come- the Illahee office has been busy working through enrollment. We are excited that most sessions are filled with waiting lists and there are a few openings for new campers in the Junior session. In a few weeks,  we will be hitting the road to showcase our newest footage from summer 2017. Our creative savant, Mary Lou, has put together yet another Academy worthy video that we are so excited to share with you all. Stay tuned for the travel schedule- we hope to be coming to you! Happy Fall Illahee family!

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  1. Anne Harvey is still wearing her bracelets she made!! Love this camp and the memories she made!

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