Camp Tours Have Begun!

Gardner just returned from the first road show of the season- a tour through Houston, Dallas and New Orleans.  Lindsey heads south to Charleston tomorrow.

Our brand-new video with highlights from the 2018 season is the feature at each camp show, along with a chance to meet other campers and visit with hosts and directors.  We are so grateful for the hospitality shown to us by camp families throughout the country!

Upcoming shows during the next few weeks are scheduled in Columbia, Savannah, Augusta, Nashville, Raleigh, Richmond, Alexandria, New York City, Greenville, SC, Jacksonville, and Tampa.  The New Year will bring gatherings in Charlotte and Atlanta!  For details contact the camp office.  We hope to see you as we make the tour.

The Highlights video will go live over the Christmas holidays!  Until then, join us at a camp gathering for a sneak peek!