Camp Goals!

A new year is well underway and with that brings much excitement as we begin the countdown toward another awesome Illahee summer. Each year offers a fresh perspective when looking ahead. This is true for the year-round directors as our wheels are turning with plans for the summer. Not only have we been brainstorming ways to improve everyone else’s camp experience, but we have had some time for self-reflection and have set goals for ourselves to ensure (our own) growth, AND would like to share these with our Illahee community today!

Some of our lofty goals include:

Laurie: Make a lanyard

Dave: Conquer the High Ropes course and zipline!

Gretchen: Pop in with Hillbrook during friendship circle and continue to wrap my head around learning to speak pig-latin

Lindsey: Visit every activity at camp

Gardner: Win counselor/camper tennis tourney with my partner, Jane! (or play our hearts out)

Liza Dog: Lose 10 lbs., while still enjoying the Dining Hall clean-up and bag-supper

Henry Pup: Convince tennis to let me be their ball boy

Churro Boy: Win the heart of every Illahee girl, and avoid the summer hair-cut

We are sharing these with you to encourage you all to set camp goals of your own for this upcoming summer (and you can help hold us accountable)! Whether it’s make a new friend, get your experts in riflery, or eat more fried chicken- camp is a time for growth, and setting goals can help to push you outside of your comfort zone, and accomplish things you never thought you could!

Happy January, Illahee family!