We had a Zoom gathering last night with some lifelong friends who we had taken a sailing trip with in January.  One of their sons and daughter-in-law had led the trip and are now quarantined on their boat in St. John.  They joined us each in our separate settings for a sunset Zoom.  After initial screen adjustments and getting our giggles out, we got a little sappy and started talking about gratitude.  While the COVID-19 crisis has slowed down aspects of daily life, and at times it feels like walls are closing in, it has also led to many people taking time to enjoy the moment and their immediate surroundings.  Meal times with family, playing games, watching movies,  working a 1000 piece puzzle (I’m almost finished!), noticing the different birds at the feeder, making time to watch a sunset, curling up with a book, practicing patience… I’m grateful for this time.  Gratitude gives us insight into the heart and the gifts of God.  Gratitude helps us to notice and value those around us.  For what are you grateful?


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  1. I am grateful for my back yard – good, healthy, productive time doing yard work, having a fire in the fire pit, and just being quiet. Hopefully some of our quiet moments will come with us when we get back to the hustle and bustle!

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