Sparks Version for Final Night!

Who isn’t a Taylor Swift fan? She’s been part of the fabric of Illahee since she came on the scene with her hit Tim McGraw around age fifteen. That was seventeen years ago. I think Taylor embodies a strong woman. She is smart, savvy, and not without struggles. She has been able to grow with … Continued

Country Club Saturday!

I am typing to the distant sound of the Macarena. DJ Dogg is here tonight and we are having the much-anticipated Illahee Prom, held in the best venue around- the Rec Lodge! Marcus, aka DJ Dogg, is a Brevard local and all around awesome guy who has been our beloved camp DJ for the past … Continued

The Campers are Coming!

I can pretty much count on waking up a minute or two either side of 6:00 am. It doesn’t matter whether I’m early to bed or stay up howling at the moon. Sometimes Laurie tries to game my internal clock by asking me what time I’m getting up, and then saying, “I’m setting an alarm … Continued