Country Club Saturday!

I am typing to the distant sound of the Macarena. DJ Dogg is here tonight and we are having the much-anticipated Illahee Prom, held in the best venue around- the Rec Lodge! Marcus, aka DJ Dogg, is a Brevard local and all around awesome guy who has been our beloved camp DJ for the past ten years (at least)-he knows how to bring a party. The girls dressed in their most festive outfits, some feeling a little nervous they didn’t bring their “nice dresses” from home. We told them not to fear, that a tutu would do! COVID has changed the camp dance scene, and even though the Illahee Prom looks a little bit different without our male counterparts, it’s still a blast. The girls don’t have to show off quite as much when they are dancing with each other. We will be ready to get back to our traditional dances though, when the time is right!

We started our day all together where it usually begins, in the Dining Hall! The smell of waffles and bacon wafted all the way across the road to my house on the other side of camp. I am a little more motivated by camp food this summer, carrying around an extra bump. I know I shouldn’t “eat for two”, but Chef Carli’s cooking has made it pretty hard! It was another full day for our Trips sign ups. Becky took a crew on a waterfall hike to Headwaters State Park, a hidden gem right down the road from camp, which includes a short hike to a secluded swimming hole and huge waterfall. The kayakers went to the French Broad and had an awesome trip. Girls are improving in their skills and learning a lot about whitewater paddling and navigating a kayak.

We have begun our camper/counselor tennis tournament, and will start our first ever Pickle Ball tournament in the coming days! My partner Pippa and I aren’t overly confident in our tennis skills, but we do have our matching outfits picked out. The canoe crew had a fun day with canoe slides! They flipped their canoes, resting the top half on the dock and the bottom in the water so it created a slide. Cabin one had their turn on the beanstalk and zipline today! I could tell from their happy squeals they were having a blast. The ceramics girls threw on the wheel for the first time and

Lunch was our most polarizing meal- mini corndogs. Depending on who you ask, it’s either a homerun choice (mostly for our Hillbrookers) or a hard “pass”. Alongside the corndogs were baked potatoes, broccoli, and homemade vegetarian chili. After our afternoon activities we split up into teams for choice period Boat Brigade building. Tomorrow is the Illahee Amazing Race, and the first annual cardboard boat brigade. The team to create the most buoyant cardboard boat wins! It should make for some first class entertainment.

My eyes are drooping and I am off to make my rounds on Pineview! It was another eventful day in the Heavenly. What a great first week it has been!


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  1. We appreciate your beautiful and descriptive notes each day; one of the many gifts from you all – thank you Laurie, Gordon, & Gardner. You and your team inspire our “Great Girls” to be great. And you all inspire us – you, your counselors and staff, and our beautiful Illahee campers inspire us all.

    Have a wonderful 2nd week “in the Heavenly.” Thank you & many blessings!

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