The Power of Fun

I can’t help but acknowledge that this week has been tough with recent tragic events in Nashville.  We are holding that community in our prayers.  Though I write feeling heavy, I do find hope in the months to come. Being a steward of Camp Illahee is such a privilege and I am reminded of the essential need for camp, not just for our kids but for parents. Camp combats the effects of the loss we have felt over the past few years. It provides self-discovery, community, and FUN for our precious kiddos; and through these things, healing. Healing that we all need!

 A few of us at camp are reading Catherine Price’s book called The Power of Fun. She feels that our culture views “fun” as frivolous, and therefore we don’t seek opportunities to have “true fun.”   Based on her research, fun may be the answer to a lot of our struggles such as loneliness, stress, depression, and lack of motivation. Lucky for us, camp is a place where the three characteristics of “True Fun” can be found-Connection, Playfulness, and Flow

Each day at camp, girls connect with their cabin, their counselor, their table group, their activity leader, while having the freedom to participate and play in activities of their own choosing; often they lose track of time or awareness because they are in a state of flow, fully immersed in an activity or experience.

 One of my earliest playful memories happened at camp. My counselor, Georgia, took our cabin group on an overnight. After sitting around a crackling fire and watching the fireflies under the stars, we decided to take a dip in the lake. We felt rebellious, and I remember my excitement! We couldn’t stop giggling as we put on life jackets and waded into the chilly, moonlit lake. We splashed and tried to keep our squeals under control so we wouldn’t get caught.  (Little did we know that  the camp directors were fully aware and had approved of her surprise). I am not sure if we were in the lake for 5 minutes or an hour, but it was one of my favorite nights!

 While we are planning for the most FUN BEST SUMMER EVER, we challenge you to add some FUN to your lives! It’s not selfish or frivolous,  but  it is necessary! Maybe find a moonlit lake to jump into?

 See you soon, Illahee family!