Hill Night

The pace seemed to pick up this past weekend starting with Saturday night’s trip out to Hannah Ford Farm to enjoy a BBQ picnic and a big game of Capture the Flag in the wide open field. The farm has been an outpost for Illahee for the past 12 years and its rolling hills and views of Mount Pisgah and Dunn’s Rock are a contrast to camp’s cozy wooded setting under the rhododendron and poplar trees. Transporting an entire camp is no easy feat and a team of bus drivers keeps us rolling. Tonight the buses cranked back up during choice period loaded with Pine View girls to go back to the farm- this time for burgers, dogs, s’mores and skits by the campfire. The girls seemed excited as they loaded the buses carrying their sleeping bags and Crazy Creeks. Heigh Ho campers headed out at the end of dinner with Claire and Gordon to go to Sliding Rock and Dolly’s. And Gretchen and I were left in the dining hall with the CIT’s and Hillbrook campers. We had a rowdy sing-a-long to give JC’s time to get dishes done before their swim party at the lake.

The lake is one of my favorite places and I know a lot of campers feel that way. Campers giggle and squeal and floating on tubes and noodles. I enjoy filling in as a lifeguard with a chance to wear a rescue tube and impress campers. “You’re a lifeguard, Laurie, wow!” Maybe it gives me some street cred- nothing to take for granted at this stage in life! Campers swam until we noticed goosebumps and blue lips and I called final buddy check at 8:30. We did an early taps so the hill is quiet- at least until Heigh Ho rolls into camp. It’s a beautiful clear night that will be great for star watching and firefly catching at the farm. Gardner let me know that the girls are settled in watching a movie projected on the side of the barn. The CIT’s are taking advantage of a quiet camp and finishing up painting their Surprise Day signs.

The day started with crazy hair and ponytails and a chilly dining hall. Lucas encouraged campers to practice gratitude and to start their day thinking of something for which they are grateful. I heard campers buzzing about gratitude throughout the day. The beanstalk ran with cabins 31 and Juniper 2 this morning and cabins 2 and 36 this afternoon. The trips climbing group had a beautiful day on the south side of Looking Glass and Lee took a sign up kayaking group on section 6 of the French Broad. Lucas and Harper led the CIT’s on a morning float on the French Broad. Carli made delicious chicken gyros with Tzatziki sauce and a fresh cucumber salad for lunch. This evenings tortellini and garlic bread were crowd pleasers with apple cobbler and whipped cream for dessert. I actually saw a table full of counselors sitting all together and I kept giving them the “evil eye” for sitting in a group. At the end of the meal, when Heigh Ho had left and only Hillbrook was in the dining hall, I realized it was their day off- they had gone on a big hike and came back to camp for dinner. Now that’s a sign of good food! (and maybe a little frugality!)

I’m off to bed. Tomorrow will be an early morning with counselors coming over to Pinecrest for Bible study, and coffee! Sleep Well!