What’s a Pine and Tree Day?!

At Illahee we offer a ton of different activities, and if you’re attending any of our two, three, or four-week sessions then you, YES YOU get the chance to choose your activities!

I love activities. It’s where we get to see campers find their groove and discover new life long passions. In preparation for the activity form that just went out, I’ve put together a bit of an FAQ with Lucas about activities.

Wait, what’s an activity and how do I learn about all the amazing ones Camp Illahee offers and how many do I get to sign up for?!?

Ah, so funny you should ask. At Illahee we have two days Pine (M,W, Fri) and Tree (Tu,Th,Sat) where you will get to do 10 different activities. HERE is the link to the long list of activities, their descriptions and occasionally their requirements.

What if I’m nervous about trying something new?

Well… that’s what camp is all about and to be nervous is totally normal. I like to think of all the expert kayakers, crafters, climbers, swimmers, tennis players and more who, at some point in their lives, started their skill as novices. It’s natural to be a bit uncertain as you try new things. Our staff are here to meet you where you are and guide you with kindness, empathy, and encouragement. Remember, there was time when Taylor Swift had to learn the G chord.

What if I get into an activity that I don’t end up liking?

We encourage all girls to try at least two activity periods before they decide to switch out. If they really aren’t enjoying it, we will happily switch them into another activity.

Do I have to pass out of swimming as an activity?

Yes! We believe that swimming is a highly necessary skill to be a good and safe camper at Illahee. It’s also a ton of fun learning how to swim in our beautiful mountain lake. Once you pass out you can switch into other activities too!

I’m going into 8th grade or older and want to get out of camp every other day to explore. What should I sign up for?

You should sign up for Trips Kayaking, Climbing, or Hiking. It fills half of your activity spots, but I think it’s worth it if you’re looking for adventure and to get really close with a group of staff and campers.

I don’t want to sign up for an entire day of trips but might want to adventure off of camp at some point. What should I do?

Well, the good news is that we will offer sign up trips throughout our sessions. You sign up for those once you’re here!

Camp is a place where I feel super connected to God and my own faith. Is there an activity for that?

Yes! Faith and Fellowship meets first thing and is led by awesome counselors to explore our faith, the Bible, and the ways we can connect with the divine at Illahee.

What’s your favorite activity, Lucas?

I’m biased towards canoeing (Half the paddle, twice the paddler, am I right?), but I love them all! I’m especially excited about our new Mountain Biking opportunity for our older campers!

Will I get every activity that I sign up for?

With nearly 300 campers, piecing schedules together is tricky business and unfortunately there are times when you don’t get every activity you want. We try our very best to give you your ten preferences or your two alternates.

I’m coming to the Junior session, do I get to do activities too??

You bet ya! While you won’t be signing up for activities before camp, Junior camp is awesome because you get to try almost all of them! We call this week the “Illahee highlights week”. Meaning, you will have a schedule of six activities a day so you can try all of the best! Some of these include, Horseback riding, arts and crafts, riflery, archery, tennis, ceramics, the zip-line, field games, gymnastics, canoeing and so much more! This way you will have a good idea of what you want to sign up for in a longer session at Illahee.

Any closing advice on activities at Camp Illahee?

Do things that excite you! Maybe choose a few that you are really comfortable with. Maybe a few that you’re curious about. At the end of the day, Camp is YOUR experience and we want you to learn, to grow, and to make awesome friends in the process.

Please Please Please fill out your activity forms to avoid the wrath of our schedule maker Claire (muwhahaha).

I’m only kidding. Claire is incredibly kind, and you can be kind back by filling out your forms on time.


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  1. Getting excited about this summer. Is there somewhere we can download a list of activity choices that our girls can review to let us know their choices and priorities? Thank you.

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